Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zombie News Flash: Interview with Clayton Hensworth

Just in from the vvb news room...

Interview with Clayton Hensworth by John Allen

JA: So, tell me about a day in your life.

Clayton: Life? What life? Other than my overbearing mom and getting picked on all the time, the only life I have is online playing “Deities of Destruction.”

JA: How’s college going?

Clayton: It’s going as well as it can. I mean, I’m really too smart for the junior college that I’m currently attending, but I’ve got big plans. Going to get my degree in computer programming and go on to get a masters and hopefully a doctorate.

JA: This from the kid who blew up his daddy’s shed?

Clayton: (Grimaces) I’ve tried to move past that. Can we not bring that up? It’s not my fault that explosives are so much fun. I can’t live that down. Even the guys in class pick on me about that. Especially these two guys, Chett and Harry.

JA: The troublemakers?

Clayton: Yep. It’s tough to get a bead on them, though. Because they actually seem good-natured. They said they were going to take me out for drinks.

JA: Why would Chett and Harry volunteer for that?

Clayton: What’s that supposed to mean? I help them out at test time, and they said they want to repay me. Introduce me to some women.

JA: Let me know how that goes.

Clayton: Well, when the world comes to an end and it’s up to the computer geek to save the world, don’t count on my help.

JA: Like that’s ever going to happen.


Interview with Clayton Hensworth by John Allen
Based on character from Fried Green Zombies. © 2009. All rights reserved.

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by John Allen
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