Monday, September 20, 2010

Fresh Meat: from Lovin' & Livin' Life Reviews

Chas of Lovin' & Livin' Life Reviews has some mentioned some zombie romance books to watch out for...

The Beast Within anthology
by Bianca D'Arc, Erin McCarthy & Jennifer Lyon
Release date: September 2010

Description from the amazon:

Smoke On The Water by Bianca D'Arc
In the misty fog of a lakefront village, zombies are roaming wild-and zombie hunter John Petit must stop the carnage. John is also fighting a different kind of battle: a forbidden passion for his new partner, Donna. With her help, killing zombies is a walk in the park, but keeping his desire in check is making him sweat.

The Howling by Erin McCarthy
When Liv Lugaru's boyfriend Sebastian disappears, she finds comfort in his brother's arms. But Sebastian is much closer than Liv realizes-and he'll stop at nothing to protect her from the feral danger that comes alive only when she sleeps.

Redeeming The Wizard by Jennifer Lyon
Gage Remington was once a powerful wizard; now he's a recluse who keeps the world at bay. But when Mira Tate arrives at Gage's door, she stirs in him an attraction he can't deny. Soon, Gage will risk everything to keep Mira close-even the secret that may be his ruin.

A Darker Shade of Dead
by Bianca D'Arc
Release date: November 2010

Description from the amazon:
Intrigue, terrifying betrayals, and a dangerously commanding hero make Bianca D'Arc's newest paranormal romance an irresistible temptation. . .

Tapped for a classified military program, Dr. Eileen McCormick has nothing left to lose. Bad enough her genetic experiments were used to turn innocent victims into zombies; worse still, a ruthless ex-colleague is threatening to expose her unless she joins his sinister research project.

Now the only way she can set things right is to develop an antidote under the watchful blue eyes of Commander Matt Sykes.

And the last thing Eileen needs is Matt's penetrating gaze, easy understanding, and compelling kiss uncovering all her deepest secrets. . .

Matt has a sixth-sense for lies as well as danger, and Eileen promises plenty of both. She's the only person who can eradicate the zombie virus before it reaches epidemic proportions, but he still can't let her passionate determination affect his steely cool. . .or keep him from discovering where her true loyalties lie.

But as the clock ticks down, Matt and Eileen's uneasy trust may be their only way to avert catastrophe--if it doesn't get them killed first. . .


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