Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zombie Showdown

The results...

Zombies vs. Unicorns

winner: 53% for ZOMBIES
47% unicorns


Zombies vs. Angels

winner: 60% for angels
40% zombies


Zombies vs. Vampires

winner: 89% for vampires
11% zombies


Zombies vs. Plants

winner: 55% for plants
45% for zombies


Zombies vs. Aliens

winner: 60% for ZOMBIES
40% for aliens


My zombies only won 2 of the 5 challenges. Boo-hoooo :-(

One commenter, Brizmus, said that for her Zombies would WIN if pitted against Mosquitoes.


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TO DO (2-parts):

1. Sign guestbook (if you haven't already).

2. OK, so who would zombies have to battle in order to W I N in your world?

Zombies for the WIN - entries received:

Brizmus: Zombies vs. mosquitoes

Alessandra: Zombies vs. werewolves

Zombie Girrrl: Zombies vs. yard gnomes

Fi-chan: Zombies vs. bacteria/viruses

debbie of twoofakind12: Zombies vs. cats

Bleumoon: Zombies vs. wasps

Kulsuma: Zombies vs. clowns

Sullivan McPig: Zombies vs. anything -- zombies always win

Mad Scientist: Zombies vs. sexy hot chiseled elves

Spav: Zombies vs. trolls

Throuthehaze: Zombies vs. penguins

Natasha: Zombies vs. turtles

Giada: Zombies vs. aye-aye

Sharli: Zombies vs. cockroaches

Stacey: Zombies vs. sharks

SiNn: Zombies vs. care bears

Llehn: Zombies vs. Justin Bieber

Nina: Zombies vs. bunnies

Stephanie: Zombies vs. snails

Michelle: Zombies vs. killer tomatoes

MarySew: Zombies vs. sharktopuss

Ashley: Zombies vs. caterpillars

Carlos: Zombies vs. balloon animals

Mommy Wants To Read: Zombies vs. Martha Stewart

Lesley: Zombies vs. Santa Claus


Contest has ended - winner is here



* image source from shirtoid - yes you can get this image (without with September Zombies caption) on a t-shirt - please note artwork by K.M.Larwood

* image source zombie, mosquito

=== September Zombies schedule of events ===
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  1. Zombies against werewolves. I think they'd win, but it would be a hard fight.

  2. Zombies vs. Aye-aye. Zombies surely win!

  3. I matched zombies with yard gnomes. The gnomes came well equipped but it was a blood bath.

  4. mosquito is a good one! uhm, does non-living things count, like pimples, ulcers. LOL. OH, BACTERIA / VIRUSES! :D

  5. I would match zombies with my cats. I am pretty sure my son's siamese is a zombie. She always has that the lights on, but nobodys home look. I think that would be an even match.

  6. for me it has to be Zombies matched against wasps - zombies would be an epic win, couldn't feel the stinging, but would just open their mouth, and gone - no more wasps -


  7. zombies vs clowns! Now there's something I'd like to see.

  8. It doesn't matter what you pit them against: Zombies Always Win!!!!

  9. I love the break down!

    What about Zombies vs Sexy Hot Chiseled Elves?

    Now how about that? I do wonder.

    Mad Scientist

  10. Zombies VS. My Mother! ha ha! She'll kick butt!

  11. I think Zombies should just EAT everybody and be done with it! ;D

    Hmmm ... terrific opponents, but I'll need to think/shuffle on this one for awhile ...

  12. Zombie Vs. Zombies! haha jk
    Zombies Vs. Turtles! Both are slow!

  13. Zombies vs. Cockroaches! I mean, they're already used to having bugs all over them :P

  14. Zombies Vs Sharks
    For a Zombie to win in my wourld would have to move faster and have sharp teeth and if against a shark would have to be able to swim.


  15. i signe dthe guest book id have to say my Zombie would win against My brother he needs to be eatin by a zombie

    for real

    Zombies VS the Care bears come on theyd totally pwn carebears

  16. Yay! I entered this contest before it even existed! :-)

  17. I'm going with Zombies vs Justin Bieber :D

  18. Zombies vs. the attack of the Killer Tomatos


  19. Zombies vs. care bears - but then we'd have zombie care bears, wouldn't we? so that's what's been missing from my childhood!

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  20. Zombies Vs Sharktopuss! (

  21. ZOMBIES vs. Caterpillars :D

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Ashley's Bookshelf

  22. Zombies vs. Chuck Norris

    because Chuck Norris is the king of kicking anything's butt. ;D

  23. Zombies VS Martha Stewart

    giveawaymommy at

  24. oops, changing my answer!

    Zombies vs. Santa Claus.
    Santa may be jolly, but that wouldn't save him from awesome zombies!

  25. That's my artwork you've used for your blog. If you wanted to use it you should have asked permission first. Please either credit me for it (K.M.Larwood) or remove it.

  26. artwork for header was sourced as from shirtoid so that interested parties could buy a tshirt of it. now, i've included the artist's link as well.


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