Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zombie Showdown

The results...

Zombies vs. Unicorns

winner: 53% for ZOMBIES
47% unicorns


Zombies vs. Angels

winner: 60% for angels
40% zombies


Zombies vs. Vampires

winner: 89% for vampires
11% zombies


Zombies vs. Plants

winner: 55% for plants
45% for zombies


Zombies vs. Aliens

winner: 60% for ZOMBIES
40% for aliens


My zombies only won 2 of the 5 challenges. Boo-hoooo :-(

One commenter, Brizmus, said that for her Zombies would WIN if pitted against Mosquitoes.


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TO DO (2-parts):

1. Sign guestbook (if you haven't already).

2. OK, so who would zombies have to battle in order to W I N in your world?

Zombies for the WIN - entries received:

Brizmus: Zombies vs. mosquitoes

Alessandra: Zombies vs. werewolves

Zombie Girrrl: Zombies vs. yard gnomes

Fi-chan: Zombies vs. bacteria/viruses

debbie of twoofakind12: Zombies vs. cats

Bleumoon: Zombies vs. wasps

Kulsuma: Zombies vs. clowns

Sullivan McPig: Zombies vs. anything -- zombies always win

Mad Scientist: Zombies vs. sexy hot chiseled elves

Spav: Zombies vs. trolls

Throuthehaze: Zombies vs. penguins

Natasha: Zombies vs. turtles

Giada: Zombies vs. aye-aye

Sharli: Zombies vs. cockroaches

Stacey: Zombies vs. sharks

SiNn: Zombies vs. care bears

Llehn: Zombies vs. Justin Bieber

Nina: Zombies vs. bunnies

Stephanie: Zombies vs. snails

Michelle: Zombies vs. killer tomatoes

MarySew: Zombies vs. sharktopuss

Ashley: Zombies vs. caterpillars

Carlos: Zombies vs. balloon animals

Mommy Wants To Read: Zombies vs. Martha Stewart

Lesley: Zombies vs. Santa Claus


Contest has ended - winner is here



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* image source zombie, mosquito

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