Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giveaway: Zombie Love Challenge

Show a little zombie love in words or pictures and you can win...

Zombie Moon
by Lori Devoti
(prize courtesy of author)



Zombie-themed Book Jacket
(pick your color)
Size is mass market
(prize courtesy of Lovin' & Livin' Life in the 808)

2 winners

Open to all.

Offer ends: September 30, 2010

TO DO (4-parts):

1. Sign guestbook (if you haven't already).

2. Read Mary's post on Zombies in Art and Literature and leave her a comment (if you haven't already).

3. Pick out a title from Mary's list and create something with it as a theme.


a description for the imaginary book

an imaginary scene

poem or haiku (you know i love 'em)

picture (send me link to an appropriate one or email your creation - vvb32 at

4. Also tell me which color book jacket you would like if you win - pink or black?

Here's my sample:

Title selected from Mary's list: Dorian's Turned Gray

Mouse Pad of Dorian Gray from zazzle

View contestant entries here.


Contest has ended - winner is here


* image source i heart zombies

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