Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giveaway: Zombie Love Challenge

Show a little zombie love in words or pictures and you can win...

Zombie Moon
by Lori Devoti
(prize courtesy of author)



Zombie-themed Book Jacket
(pick your color)
Size is mass market
(prize courtesy of Lovin' & Livin' Life in the 808)

2 winners

Open to all.

Offer ends: September 30, 2010

TO DO (4-parts):

1. Sign guestbook (if you haven't already).

2. Read Mary's post on Zombies in Art and Literature and leave her a comment (if you haven't already).

3. Pick out a title from Mary's list and create something with it as a theme.


a description for the imaginary book

an imaginary scene

poem or haiku (you know i love 'em)

picture (send me link to an appropriate one or email your creation - vvb32 at

4. Also tell me which color book jacket you would like if you win - pink or black?

Here's my sample:

Title selected from Mary's list: Dorian's Turned Gray

Mouse Pad of Dorian Gray from zazzle

View contestant entries here.


Contest has ended - winner is here


* image source i heart zombies

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  1. Gilligan's graveyard
    waiting for spring that won't come
    in many pieces

    okay, so there is my haiku. About Gilligan's graveyard. It is lame, I know. I am SO mega lacking in the creativity department!

    If I win I want the pink one!


  2. I already commented way back when the post was just up. hope that's ok.

    As for 3: I went for a haiku as well!
    Bowling for Brains:

    The sticky ball slips
    Making Bowling for Brains
    Even more bloody

    And I go for black!!

  3. Great haikus!
    And that's a ~ KILLER ~ Dorian Gray!

    See, there's a little *undead* in each of us ;D

  4. I'm not into zombies, but those bags are adorable.

  5. i signe dthe guest book

    posted a comment

    posting pics i suck at hikus lol,r:14,s:0&biw=1259&bih=612,r:17,s:206&tx=65&ty=66

    id have to say id like either or but the black ones my fav

  6. So I picked Moan a Liza and because I also suck at haikus, here's a pic I foud :P

    Perfect, right?
    I'm in for the black book jacket :)

  7. i picked two titles one for each pic forgot to postthe titles lol

    first one

    My Heart Goes On (a Bun)

    second one

    Bowling For Brains

  8. I swear i really shouldnt be allowed to post stuff when im sleepy lol should just say no and walk off i posted the wrong links

    here is the right link for
    My Heart Goes on (a Bun),r:8,s:228&tx=62&ty=65

  9. Commented!

    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Zombie
    A semi-autobiographical novel by James Jaws on the awakening of young Stephen Deadlus as he begins to question and rebel against british culinary habits!

  10. I can not wait to read this title of Lori's. I have her other series but I am eyeing this bad boy as well!=) LOL!!

  11. Oliver's Twisted, A Haiku

    He was STILL hungry!
    Please Sir, Can I have some more...
    SCRUMPTIOUS ZOMBIE BRAINZZ! you can see, Oliver is VERY twisted haha!!;)

    I'd like the black book jacket if i win:)

  12. This may be the most horrible thing I have ever written...

    Baby Had Back

    I like big meals and I cannot lie
    You other zombies can't deny
    When a victim walks by with an itty bitty waist
    In front of your rotting face
    You get hungry!
    Wanna pull out a fork
    Cause you notice that butt's like pork
    A meal in the jean's she's rulin'
    I'm hooked and I can't stop droolin'
    Oh baby, I wanna bite into ya
    And taste your tibia
    The living tried to warn me
    But that butt you got makes me so hungry!
    Ooh rump of din-din
    You say you don't wanna lose your skin
    Well scream....and run...
    Cause you ain't that average dim sum
    Don't need Budweiser,
    To hell with appetizers
    She's meaty and thick
    Got it goin' like a sirloin steak
    I'm tired of Rachel Ray
    Sayin' pasta makes your day
    Take the average zombie and ask him that
    She gotta pack a rack (of ribs)
    So..zombies (yeah!) zombies (yeah!)
    Has your victim got the butt?
    Just eat it (eat it!) eat it (eat it)
    Eat that human butt....
    Baby had back =)

    I like the pink one =)

  13. Thanks for the giveaway.
    1. I signed the guest book.
    2. I left Mary a message
    3. Moan a Liza is her name
    Eating Flesh is her game
    She really can't run
    But she's always the one
    With the smile that is so lame.
    ( I am so bad at this.)
    4.Love the pink one!
    lizzi0915 at aol dot com


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