Thursday, September 9, 2010

Letter from vvb on September Zombies 2009

Dear Reader,

I thought I would take a moment to give you a brief history of September Zombies.

This event was a week-long event held for the first time at vvb32 reads last year. The main focus was on zombies in YA literature.

You can view the schedule for September Zombies 2009 at its original site.

But what triggered the zombie madness?

The release of Never Slow Dance with a Zombie by E. Van Lowe was the zombie that bit me.

A story of teens and zombies in a high school setting. My kind of light-weight zombies. Yes, I admit. I like the frou frou and campy kind ;-D

With the announcement of my event, I was lucky enough to be contacted by the super cool, zombiemeister of Never Slow Dance, Mr. E. Van Lowe. It was exciting to collaborate with an author on my first big blog event!

I had such a blast last year that I decided to hold September Zombies again. It was going to be another week of zombie fun. But then fellow blogger, Titania of Fishmuffins of Doom commented on my September Zombies teaser post only going to be a week? Well, that statement got me a'thinkin.

And, voila!

A week turned into a month!

And, I gained a Zombiette.

In fact, I gots me 5 Zombiettes! And they rock!

Celia of Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia
Cecilia of the epic rat
Lexie of Poisoned Rationality
Misty of Book Rat
Titania of Fishmuffins of Doom

And, the zombies presented in books this year are from the YA realm and beyond.

And, I gots me some brains to deliver by way of guest author posts, guest fellow-blogger posts and guest sponsors.

Anyhooooo, I hope you're enjoying the month of zombies so far.

cheerios and happy reads,



To celebrate the extraordinary moment of getting bitten by the zombie bug...

*** Zombie Book Giveaway ***

Never Slow Dance With A Zombie
by E. Van Lowe

Open to all.

Offer ends: September 30, 2010

TO DO (3-parts):

1. Sign guestbook (if you haven't already).

2. Visit E's blog and leave him a comment.

3. Come back here and tell me a zombie joke. you knew this one was coming ;-D


Contest has ended - winner is here


=== September Zombies schedule of events===
with links to posts and giveaways from the other Zombiettes


  1. signed the guestbook :)

    and commented!

    As for the zombie joke...

    What does a zombie look for in a mate?
    Beauty? Nope...

  2. Last year was SO fun - and this year has just grown exponentially! :) I am so glad you brought it back again!

    Zombie: (knock, knock)
    Unsuspecting person: Who's there?
    Zombie: Brainsssssssss
    Unsuspecting person: Brains who?
    Zombie: Brainssssss you! (bites)

    Okay, not a funny joke...I made it up. But I can't wait to see the other jokes! ;D

  3. Please don't enter me as I only wanted to chime in that just this morning I was thinking about my favorite books and remembered when I had won this last year!

    'Never Slow Dance With a Zombie' started off my life (death?)long love affair with BRAAAIIINNZZZZ :D

    And yeah, an entire month of zombie goodness is perfect!

  4. The comment:

    The (bad) joke:
    What do vegetarian zombies say?

  5. Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
    No, they eat the fingers separately...

    I commented here:

  6. Signed guestbook.

    I commented here;

    Q: What did the zombie's friend say when he introduced him to his girlfriend?
    A: Good grief! Where did you dig her up from?

  7. Q:What streets do zombies like best?

    A:Dead Ends

    I commented on E's blog :)

  8. A zombie walks into a bar...
    didn't phase him at all

  9. Just wanted to pop in and say I am LOVING the zombie jokes.

  10. did you hear about the zombie hockey game?
    there was a face off in the corner....

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  11. I commented on e's blog.
    how do you tell if a zombie is tired?
    he is dead on his feet.

  12. I am loving Zombie month! It's been a lot of fun :) Zombie joke:
    What has a Dogs Head, a Cats tail, and brains all over its face?
    A Zombie coming out of the pet store.

    Aww that's kind of mean :P
    I comented on e's blog here

  13. Why did they find a disembodied head inside of a piano?
    A zombie forgot it when he was trying to play by ear.

    I commented on e's blog.

    signed the guestbook :)


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  14. poste don his blog

    The baby zombie asks her mother “Mommy, do I have daddy’s eyes?” The mother says “Yes you do honey! Now eat them before they get cold!”

    done did sign it


    What has 2 arms, 2 legs and 2 heads?
    A zombie eating a human head.

  16. I comment on E's blog - December Zombies.

    Zombie joke:
    Q: What did the zombie get an award for?
    A: DEAD-ication!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com


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