Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zombies vs. Aliens


Inquiring minds want to know...

Who's your pick?


* image source zombie and alien

* beware: aliens invading during October Trix-n-Treatz - energize photon weapons

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  1. I'm first of all Team Unicorn and since I don't want to be a traitor to my side-> Aliens!!!

    *X-Files theme tune plays*

  2. Zombies! Because I know what to expect from a zombie...

  3. Can I just straddle the ol' cemetery fence here and pick undead aliens?

    *maybe Aliens started the Z-Plague in the first place?!! Mwha ha ha ha :0

    ... nothing surprises me these days ;D

  4. Alex Pettyfer <3 well, he's the alien number 4 in I am Number Four, so.. alien!

  5. Voodoo Bride says she'd pick the aliens if they are AC's from Gini Koch's Touched by an Alien, but I pick: Zombies!!!!!

  6. Zombies, hard core zombie fan, I absolutely love the Hello Zombie! Aliens are tempting to pick though, especially since they possibly could be cause of zombies!

  7. Aliens! I just don't like the idea of a dead guy who wants to eat my brains. *laughs*

  8. Zombies! Definitely...I know Unicorns won in the other battle but the Zombies take Aliens easy :-)

  9. Zombies for sure.
    Oh, brain wave! What about zombies from spa-ace?! Is there a book about that? Or a zombie outbreak on a space ship where the infected awake from suspended animation causing an alarm to sound and a select few to be awoken to deal the problem and try to put down the zombie uprising before they consume all the sleeping space travelers. That'd be cool.

  10. @ Julianne: Zombies! I just don't like the idea of little green men who want to take over my planet. *teehee* ;)

  11. This time I'm totally ALIEN!

    Love me some UFO's!


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