Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October Trix-n-Treatz: Letter

Back at the ranch, ahem, *cough* haunted house...

In the uppermost floor is a laboratory...

Bubbling and hissing sounds abound...

While vapors and steam fill the air...

~doc-tor Viiiii

* shuffle - shuffling with letter in hand *

~doc-tor Viiiii, a letter

Come, Igor.

* puts down bubbling beaker full of green goo *

~ doc-tor Viiiii, you want for me to open?

NO, no, give it here.

* removes googly-goggles and black leather gloves *

* reaches for the letter *

Thank you, Igor.

* shuffle - shuffles away *


* twirls the tip of his handlebar mustache while reading the letter*

October Trix-n-Treatz

additional books featured with giveaways...

The Brimstone Key
Grey Griffins: The Clockwork Chronicles #1:
by Derek Benz and Jon S. Lewis

The Half-Made World
by Felix Gilman

Picture the Dead
by Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown

still more to be revealed later...
mwah... mwah... mwah-ha-ha-ha....


* image source haunted house, sealed letter

-+0+o+ October Trix-n-Treatz schedule +o+0+-


  1. *drool*
    btw: chocolate is making it's way to you, so keep an eye out.

  2. V's a zombie - so technically she's ALWAYS got an *eye out*

    I'm drooling over that cover for Picture The Dead!

  3. I have The Half-Made World on my wishlist and the other books sound awesome, too. *-*

  4. I'm trying to picture you with a mustache, Doc-tor Viiiiii. It looks fabbity, fab, fab, fab! We should all wear costumes for this event! I'll be... a... hmmm... I'll get back to that. Another great event, though!


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