Friday, September 24, 2010

Zombie crafts: vvb creation

Prince Zeee
my zombie craft entry for
Misty's Zombie Craft Challenge
enter to win a prize

Behold, made from my hands.

A freshly made zombie in my daughter's craft laboratory.

Newly dubbed, Prince Zeee.

He is not yet bloodied with his first taste of brains.

But he's learning.

Arms outstretched.

Listen to him...

Br... Brrrra... Brrrrraaaaiiiii

Poor Pinkie Piii doesn't know what's coming...


* zombie ingredients: floral wire, yarn, embroidery thread, wooden bead, misc notions, mystery-super-secret dust

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  1. Oh, no! Watch out, Pinkie Piii!!!


  2. Oh, and don't forget to add in a name of a zombie book you'd like to win if you, well, win.

  3. Love Prince Zeee! He's so cute... I mean terrifying :)

  4. I have a really BAD feeling about Pinki Piii... oh NO!!!! ;D

    Prince Zeee is awesome! You did us zombies proud :D


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