Sunday, September 19, 2010

Zombies vs. Plants


C'mon, who can resist a zombie with butter on his head?

Who's your pick?

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  1. rotfl!!!
    Erm plants? They obviously smell better! :P

    Nah... Zombies... at least you can have a semblance of a conversation with them...more or less...probably less lmao

  2. Zombies!!! Although I hate the Zamboni zombies!

  3. PVZ - YES!!!

    I've been addicted to this game for months now ... don't cha just LUV the graphics? ... the pea shooters with the fire tree make for badazzicle bio-weaponry!

    My pick ... definitely the zombies because they have that great music video at the end of the game :D

  4. plants, that picture of the plant is so cute! :D

  5. Zombies!!! Even though they try to eat my brains.

  6. Are they killer plants?? Like in Day of the Triffids? If not I'll take the zombie!

  7. Ohmigod, I'm horribly addicted to this game!

    I'll have to agree with M.A.D on Zombies, their music video is awesome!

  8. lol yano honestly be a toss up have you seen littl shop of horrors? and The happening

    im going with plants

  9. zombies versus PLANTS? This is really hard to say, because I sort of love plants. And then there is Audrey II from little shop horrors, and she is named after me :-P, and she is super cool. But I might have to go with zombies with this one, because of my desire to eat plants (and thus make them not).

  10. LOL, um plants. Just because of the butter.


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