Friday, September 17, 2010

Zombie News Flash: December Zombies

Special announcement...

~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by E. Van Lowe
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

Hi there September Zombie fans. One of the great joys of being the author of Never Slow Dance With A Zombie is not only do I get to write cool stuff and meet fans like you, but I also get to wear a cool shirt with skulls all over it to my readings. Let's face it, there aren't many places where the grotesque is socially acceptable. But zombie fans love the grotesque, don't we?

But my favorite thing about my book is that I get to host the Never Slow Dance With A Zombie Fest. This is the event I held in Los Angeles last year where zombie lovers young an old came out to have some good old fashioned zombie fun.

I plan for this to become an annual event where lovers of all things zombie can come for a reading, food, music, dancing, and can put on their favorite zombie-wear and not feel at all out of place. I am currently in talks to hold this year's Zombie Fest in San Diego. It's a bit late to pull it off for Halloween (like last year) but nothing says Happy Holidays like a Santa Zombie, right? And so I'm hoping to do it between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year the event was free, and I'd like to keep it that way this year as well. The amazing food was catered by my cousin Pam. She even carved a brain out of a melon:


But there's a certain someone who showed up at last year's Zombie Fest who I hope never to see again. And that's Minnie. Minnie's wounds seemed unusually real, the look in her eyes a little too deranged. And she didn't mix well the other guests. That's because I believe Minnie is a real zombie. That's Minnie in the blue dress on the left:

At the end of the evening it is reported that Minnie kept trying to get strangers to walk her home. Fortunately, no one took her up on it. She was last seen lumbering toward the 405 freeway... Yes, on foot!

"Wanna walk me home?"

So if you plan to come to this year's fest keep a sharp eye out for Minnie. If she happens to be there, and approaches you, do not agree to step outside for a quick bite. That phrase has a whole 'nother meaning to a real zombie.

Hope to see you at Zombie Fest 2010.

Check back here for updates on where and when.


~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by E. Van Lowe
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

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* fyi: zombie with melon brain belongs to Fishmuffins of Doom and the picture was also taken by her

* photos by Tatiana

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