Monday, September 27, 2010

October Trix-n-Treatz: Note

In a haunted house
far, far, away
or maybe just down the street...




* shuffle - shuffling our way *

~Yesss, doc-tor Viiiii

Igor, dispatch this note. I want to be certain the cook prepares proper meals for our guest at next month's festivities.

* twists the tip of his handlebar mustache *

And, make sure she orders plenty of brains and blood. We must cater to the special diets of some of our guests.

~Yesss, doc-tor Viiiii

* shuffle - shuffles away with note in hand*

the NOTE:


Books featured:

Cry Sanctuary
by Moira Rogers

Deadly Daggers
by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Haunting Emma
by Lee Nichols

The Home
by Scott Nicholson

She Smells The Dead
by E.J. Stevens

Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits
and other curious things
by Cate Gardner

Volume 1
Reunion of the Untouchables
by Kurt Frenier

Thank You For The Flowers
by Scott Nicholson

Thinks and Things
by Crystal Johnson

The Wedding Gift
by Kathleen McKenna

still more to be revealed later...
mwah... mwah... mwah-ha-ha-ha....


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  1. All books I haven't read and some I have on my wishlist. Great themes!

  2. :0 :0 :0
    Seeing all those yummy October Trix-n-Treatz covers, I swear I just *drooled* all over my keyboard!!

    :D 'Doc-tor Viiii' ... it has that certain charm hehe

  3. rotfl!
    These seem amazing!
    Wheee! She smells the dead FTW!

  4. BTW, have you read the book "The Passage" by Justin Cronin?
    I hear it is seriously! It's like 800 pages long too! *g*

  5. "Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits and other curious things" has my attention. Love the cover!

  6. *wheeze, shuffle, shuffle* Doc-tor Viiii! I'm in love with the She Smeels the Dead cover! That's got to be the cutest goth I've ever seen! And Strange Men... has piqued my curiosity. What's it about?!?


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