Tuesday, September 14, 2010


by Tom Taylor & Skye Ogden

Description from publisher's site:
Rome wasn't built in a day... but it may crumble in one.

Titans battle in the arena.

A thumb turns down.

A sword comes down.

A dead man... stands up?

Racing through dark, narrow tunnels beneath the Colosseum, two heroes and a child join together to escape their pursuers.

Pursuers who were once men.

Hungry men.

Undead men.


Friends, Romans, Countrymen... Lend me your brains!

Check out the innards of this comic book...


* first heard of Rombies at Tom Taylor Made

* Be a ROMBIES extra!
Skye Ogden & Tom Taylor want real people to walk (and shamble) through the streets of Ancient Rome. Post a photo of yourself as a zombie or citizen for a chance for your likeness to appear in an upcoming issue.

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*** Zombie Comic Book Giveaway courtesy of publisher ***

Open to all.

Offer ends: September 30, 2010

TO DO (2-parts):

1. Sign guestbook (if you haven't already).

2. What battle weapon would you choose against zombies in a Colosseum battle?




other - name it


Contest has ended - winner is here


* image source of gladiator weapons

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  1. My son would love this! SO would I, who am I kidding?!

  2. Signed guestbook.
    I would use the trident. I'm too small for close combat and this gives an advantage at a distance.


  3. Signed guestbook. I vote for the trident too... But only because It would look way cooler ;)

    anto_90_5 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. I'd just grab for the next lion or other beast that usuakky comes with a coloseum and throw at at the rombies. yes, I am that hardcore xD

  5. I signed the guestbook.

    Not an easy choice but since everyone is going with Trident, I'm going with Spatha.


  6. signed the guest book

    id pick the Gladius
    because well ilove close combat of course

    aweosme post was hard to chose cause id prolly go with all 3 lol

  7. I'd probably go for the trident at first, but after it got stuck in the first zombie, I'd end up using the Spatha.

  8. A Trident!
    If you can't defeat the zombies, just make a Brochette out of some other guy in the Colosseum and serve him to the zombies while you get away!

  9. I would pick the trident. It would be easier to spear a zombie with that.

  10. I'd take the gladius, it looks nice and heavy which would make crushing skulls much easier. I would NOT take the trident because once you speared a zombie you might not be able to get the hooks back out!

  11. Trident! More efficient for the job i think.

  12. definitely the trident! i'd just have to remember to go for the neck....

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  13. Hi, Velvet. I noticed you mentioning you have extra copies. If you're willing to forward one my way, I'd be quite willing to read and review it.

  14. Hi! Same here! If you have extra copies, I'd love to have one :)

  15. I'd love to be in the drawing for extra copies if they're still available. Thanks.


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