Friday, June 4, 2010

SteamPink: Devonian Express - cab

You are in the cab of the Devonian Express - the heart and brains of the train.

Cogs, gauges, rods, valves, bearing, switches, etc. surround you.

Here is where you will find out how to participate in this week's SteamPink festivities.

Coach Cars:
You will be introduced to various steampunk characters and corresponding books as well as author guest posts in various coach cars.

Some of these will include my two bits reviews and others will have review posts later in the month.

Keep tabs on the books of interest so that you can let me know which ones you like on the survey posted on June 12.

Special Cars:
There are 5 SteamPink giveaways that you can enter this week to win a steampunk book.

Each giveaway requires 2-3 parts to complete to be eligible.

Each giveaway offers a steampunk book featured this week.

Steampunk Challenge giveaway - steampunk book & necklace

Train Ticket giveaway - steampunk book & necklace

Baggage Car giveaway - steampunk book & hat

Express Car giveaway - steampunk book & doll

Lounge Car giveaway - steampunk book

Coach Car giveaway - steampunk book & charm

Lounge Car giveaway2 - steampunk book & CD

Blogosphere giveaway - from Quirk

Blogosphere giveaway - from Steampunk Magazine

Interact in comments as yourself or character persona of your creation. I'll respond there too.

The Backstory:
Basically the mentions of the Society, Meeting and the World's Fair relate to an e-fiction, Jane and Jade Escapades, that sometimes appear in my Steampunk Weekly on Mondays in which people who comment may appear in the next week's installment. Read the past entries here.

Jane and Jade are sisters who travel in an airship called the Tiny Bubble. They have interactions and adventures in a steampunk world.

Another character you may encounter is Professor Eva McGregor who is a gizmologist and engineer who lives in Scotland.


Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...


* a couple easter egg giveaways based on participation - will be revealed on winner's post

* image source boiler back plate

SteamPink schedule



  1. I'm so very happy and excited to be on the Steampink Train (again, love the term Steampink). : ) Can't wait until we leave the station.

  2. Boarded the Devonian Express and the only thing keeping me from bouncing up and down on my seat is that a proper lady never bounces. So I try to suppress my excitement and demurely wait for the train to depart and be introduced to the other respectable travel companions. Let's go, let's go let's go!

  3. It all sounds fantastic! I'm with Stella...Let's go!!!

    My ticket is:


  4. This is going to be so FUN! Thanks for hosting, Velvet!

  5. to avoid confusing matters, my comments will mostly be through my 'guide' Noni. I'm rather excited for this week and only wish I had learned of it sooner (yeah I'm such an oblivious person)! And Noni is so much fun to write as...


  6. An Easter Egg giveaway in June? Sounds rad!!!

  7. Ooooh, I really like the idea of commenting as a character, I'll have to come up with one for the rest of my posts!! Fun idea!!

  8. Lovely picture for the cab of the Devonian Express :D Thanks for hosting this event.

  9. Thanks for hosting this event, Velvet!

  10. This so much fun!Here's my ticket;



  11. wish i had a ticket lol checkin out the party im always a day late and adollar short lol but is fun and now have new books i want


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