Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winners - Fairy Tales in Bruges

Here are the winners for giveaways that
ended August 30, 2010
during the Fairy Tales in Bruges event

Thanks to all contestants!


The Amaranth Enchantment giveaway
by Julie Berry
prize: courtesy of author
Winner: Carlos Antunes of Letras sem fundo

Asleep giveaway
by Banana Yoshimoto
Winner: Weng-Him Cheung

Cinderella Rules giveaway
by Donna Kauffmann
Winner: Katelyn of The Bookshelf Sophisticate

Cinders giveaway
by Michelle Davidson Argyle
prize: courtesy of author
Winner: Audra of Unabridged Chick

CSN Stores giveaway
prize: courtesy of CSN
winner gets to pick prize
Winner: Linda Henderson

Results of items grabbed in the kitchen:
48% apron
33% pan
14% towel
5% none

Finn Mccoul giveaway
audio tape
Winner: SiNn of † Everyone loves a SiNner †

French Women for All Seasons giveaway
A Year of Secrets, Recipes, & Pleasure
by Mireille Guiliano
Winner: Joana of Páginas com Memória

Glimmer Train short stories giveaway
Winner: Dovile

The Healer's Apprentice giveaway
by Melanie Dickerson
prize: courtesy of author
Winner: Bunny B

Le Cabinet du Chapelier des Fees giveaway
(The Cabinet of the Fairies' Hatmaker)
by Pat Sweet
prize: courtesy of author
Winner: Trisha of MarySew

Manifest - ARC giveaway
by Artist Arthur
Winner: Catarina

Never After giveaway
by Laurell K. Hamilton
Yasmine Galenorn
Marjorie M. Liu
Sharon Shinn
Winner: Ladytink of The Movieholic & Bibliophile's Blog

Results of short story interest piqued:

35% The Wrong Bridegroom by Sharon Shinn

31% The Shadow of Mist by Yasmine Galenorn

19% Can He Bake A Cherry Pie? by Laurell K. Hamilton

15% The Tangleroot Palace by Marjorie M. Liu

Princess Lessons giveaway
(A Princess Diaries Book)
by Meg Cabot
illustrated by Chesley Mclaren
Winner: Bahnree of I am, therefore I write.

The Stumpwork Robe giveaway
The Last Stitch (sequel)

by Prue Batten
prizes: courtesy of author
Winner: Mary Ann DeBorde Writes (and Reads!)

Easter Egg giveaway
There was only one guest who entered this easter egg giveaway.

Giada commented and completed the task. She said she spoke to Princess Lilith and relayed the message about Brunhilde.

For this deed, she will receive a Duke of her own ;-D

The Iron Duke
by Meljean Brook
Winner: Giada

Robin Hood giveaway
by David Coe
prize: courtesy of author
Winner: Savannah of The Reading Girl

Unicorn Wishes Journal giveaway
Winner: Midnight Cowgirl of The Fashion Planner

The White Cat giveaway
audio tape
Winner: misskallie of Books, books and more books


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  1. Thank you for all the AMAZING giveaways! :)

  2. Yayyy! Thanks for hosting this! It was a lot of fun!
    Do we need to email you? Or will you email us?

  3. Thank you, Velvet!^O^ And congrats to all the other winners! Those are great prizes! :D

  4. This was so fantastic! CONGRATS to all the winners! Audra, I'll get you CInders soon! :)

  5. Congrats to everyone -- and thank you, Velvet, for hosting, and Ms Argyle, for the book! I'm so excited!!!

  6. Congrats winners! I awarded you; http://fredasvoice.blogspot.com/2010/08/blog-with-substance-award.html

  7. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!!!

    This was so much fun, and I truly enjoyed getting to know about Prue's characters * writing style - [love how her mind works lol]. A BIG *heart* thank you for this thoroughly awesome giveaway :D

    uh oh ....
    Do I hear the slow, stealthy shuffle of zombies in the distance? :O

  8. Thanks so much for the contest, I'm super excited, do you want me to email you or vice versa? Just let me know and thanks again!

  9. Yes! Thank you so much! I wanted that one SO bad. Thanks again for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  10. How boring this Castle will be for we Siofra now that everyone is leaving. Perhaps I can hitch a ride into the next adventure? Heavens' knows watching LeRoy prancing around in his floral silks is not designed to excite one. See you all anon, dear mortals. Night, night. Sleep tight. Don't let the vampires bite!

  11. I totally missed the easter egg thing.
    Congrats to all the winners!

  12. YAY!!! This was so much fun! Thanks, and congrats to all the winners!!


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