Friday, August 27, 2010

Castle: Hallway

We are back in the hallway to visit the next room.

You see Prince LeRoy exiting a room over there.

What do you do?

A - Discreetly *cough* smile and wink.

B - Swish, swish, swish. Hurry over as fast as your dress will allow to talk to him. And, what do you say?

C - Wait until he is out of sight and enter the room he just left.


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  1. Wait until he is out of sight and enter the room he just left. What was he doing there? I'm quite curious...

  2. I think I'd discreetly cough, but I'm not sure I'd wink. I might glower though!

  3. C: I don't wear dresses or wink at men :-p

  4. Wait until he's outta sight and then head down the hallway myself. I'm not keen on meeting any Princes--all the ones I've seen lately are disasters waiting to happen (looking at you thrice divorced working on your 4th divorce Prince Charming!)

  5. I am nosy and have to tell my girls about what he's been up to later on!! :D C

  6. discreetly caugh and slide on my way to the next room avoiding him at all cost

  7. Prince LeRoy is a fop! One of the things this Siofra (yes, I, Lucia) has seen is how long that petty imbecile spends in front of the mirror trying on a damask coat, a lace jabot, changing one pair of heeled dancing shoes for another. If he was more like Other men, the Faeran in particular, he would be happy with pale breeches that would cling to his thighs like a second skin, with boots so black they flash like mirrors and with a black silk tailcoat that has its own language as he walks. His shirt would be soft silk and his cravat tied in a perfect bow: seductive simplicity. Did you not notice how Prince Leroy looked like a walking rainbow of colour as he walked down the passage. Ye Gods!

  8. I am certain I would swish my way to the Prince's side, lavish him with an excess of flattery (fops adore the attention!) for his *eclectic* choice of wardrobe, then exercise all my feminine wiles in hopes of cajoling one of his jewel-encrusted Faberge snuff boxes from beneath his limpid grip! ;D


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