Sunday, August 29, 2010

Castle: Field

A rustling sound comes from the field in that direction.

Are those field mice?

They look unusual.

Quite ghastly.


One by one...

Each grow and transform to your height.

Almost human.

But not.


You start to run.


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Offer ends: August 31, 2010


* image source zombie mice - you can buy these cuties and other themed mice at House of Mice

* If you're Team Zombies, make sure to say so during the epic Zombies vs Unicorns battle during September Zombies next month.

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  1. OMG!! I better not. Hawaii already has a roach and ant problem... I may end up crushing that cute mouse in the middle of the night on accident!!=)

  2. My rotten cat would probably pounce on these little cuties, so I'd better not enter.

    But they are SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!

  3. Zombie mice!

    I won't sleep tonight!


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