Sunday, August 29, 2010

Castle: Chute

The room has somehow gotten really dark, despite the curtains drawn and the sun shining outside.

You continue to feel a strange ominous presence in this chamber.

You are feeling smothered by things invisible.

You back away slowly towards the door.

Well, somehow the door is NOT behind you.

Someone or something has just shoved you backward.

And now you are...





* image source medieval lady

***~*~* Fairy Tales in Bruges schedule *~*~***


  1. Drat - I've fallen and I can't get up lol

    ... okay, am noticing MORE capital letters going on. Now you've got me curious, and I'm trying to remember the ones we'd already caught. Do they all combine to spell something? Are you *toying* with us, Dear V ?

    OR is there a deeper mystery afoot?!



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