Monday, August 30, 2010

Night of the Living Trekkies on FB

Quirk is hosting a contest on their official Facebook page for Night of the Living Trekkies

All you have to do is LIKE the Facebook page.

Everyone who joins is automatically entered to win:

•Grand prize: Troublesome Tribbles (they move and everything!), an unofficial Trekkies T-Shirt, and a signed copy of the book

•Two runners-up: An Unofficial Trekkies T-Shirt and a copy of the book.

*** Book Giveaway courtesy of author ***
and you can sign up to win this book
during week 4 of September Zombies

=|== September Zombies schedule of events ==|=


  1. Ya gotta love Quirk lol

    Never signed up for Facebook, but thank you anyway for the nice heads up, V

    Hurry up SEPTEMBER ZOMBIES!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds funny!

    You have an award on my blog here.

  3. on my way to like that page now - night of the living trekkies? I mean, seriously. I think I must read it - I used to be such a hardcore Star Trek fan!


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