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Giveaway: Stumpwork Robe and The Last Stitch

The Stumpwork Robe
The Last Stitch (sequel)
by Prue Batten

Description of The Stumpwork Robe from author's site:
A magnificent robe . . . minikin journals hidden in the embroidery.
Eldritch wights and murder.
Tragedy and revenge.
Adelina the Traveller’s sanity is cobbled together with fraying stitches as she is held captive and must embroider a gown which may eventually conceal the keys to immortality . . .

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Description of The Last Stitch from the author's site:
A hob, a Faeran and a mortal stitcher.
Veniche and the Days of the Dark . . .
For Adelina, revenge should be her salvation.
But those who love her wonder if it will be her damnation.
Adelina says to her readers: ‘If you touch the book then you will quite simply die.’
Are you game?

Order this from the amazon.

*** Book Giveaway courtesy of author ***

Win this lovely set.

Open to all.

Offer ends: August 30, 2010

TO DO (3-parts):

1. Sign guestbook (if you haven't already).

2. Read Liam of the Færan and tell me in comments: Based on Liam's descriptions of Ana and Adelina, which of the two would you like to meet and why?

3. Read Maeve Swan Maid and tell me in comments: If you had one of Maeve's feathers, what would you wish for?


Contest has ended - winner is here


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  1. I would like too meet Adelina. A girl who fights to protect her friend is one to admire!

    If I had one of Maeve's feathers, I would wish protection and happiness for my loved ones.

    Thank you for this great giveaway! Fingers crossed!>___<

  2. I would like to meet Adelina! She seems like an embroidering badass.

    If I had one of Maeve's feathers, I would wish for wisdom to know what to do with my life.

  3. I think I'd like to meet Adelina, she seems stronger and is about protecting her friend.

    I'm not sure what I'd wish for, really. Probably it would end up being something stupid or something I'd regret.

  4. I would choose Ana because she sounds very strong, and I like that in a character. I would wish for perfect weather whenever I needed it.

  5. Signed the guestbook.
    I would choose Adelina. What she lacks in beauty, she seems to make up for in friendship and sincerity.
    If I had one of Maeve's feathers, I would make a wish though I rather not state here, it won't come true. :-)
    (It would be personal, not world peace or something.)

  6. I would choose Adelina--she can perhaps help me with all my cosplays that I need to have done XD

    With a feather from Maeve...I'd wish for a way to make my father's life a little easier. He has a rough go of it and it can't be easy with me as a daughter.

  7. Liam of the Færan: It’s very hard to choose. Both Adelina and Ana sound interesting. I think I leaned more towards favoring Adelina at the end. I love people (and characters) who cherish their friends so much that they’ll go all out to protect the ones who are dear to them. She’s also polite, can embroider, and is feisty. She sounds like the type of character that would become one of my favorites without even trying.

    If I had one of Maeve’s feathers, I’d probably wish happiness upon my family and friends. It pains me to see so many of them hurting (because of some reason or other, which I won’t share on here), and I’d rather give them my wish than use the feather for my own selfish reasons.

  8. i signed theguestbook

    if i had to pick just one it would be hard but id pick Adelina simply because she is so loyal and sounds like a badass in her own right

    if i had one of Maeve's feathers id wish tobe with my family and that theyd have no troubles and wed live in peace and have all we could ever need

  9. I think Adelina sounds much more interesting and exciting so I'd have to pick her.
    If I had a wish I'd wish for good health, especially since I have severe RA.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  10. Ana for her looks compared to Madonnas!

    And I would wish for one single moment of complete happiness happening once every day for the rest of my life!

  11. Adelina for being such a strong girl.

    I would wish for everyone in the world to have one wish of their own!

  12. The strong Adelina!

    I would wish to live forever!

  13. I would like to meet Adelina. She seems to be a strong girl and a very good friend.
    And if I had one of Maeve's feathers I would wish for happiness me and my loved ones

  14. Adelina is stronger and, therefore, more interesting as a person.
    As for wishes, I would wish to have opportunities to make something of my life!

  15. signed your guestbook

    I'd like to meet Adelina, she is strong and independent, not just some beauty like Ana, that's why she is more interesting.

    I'd wish for a chance to die only when I've done everything I ever wanted to do and fulfilled every dream. Which would mean I'd live a very long life:)

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  16. Adelina! She's totally wicked and I think she can work anything with her 2 hands!

    I wish I can be 20 forever or age slower =)

  17. The choice is obvious, I would like to meet Adelina because of her courage to protect her friend.
    My wish would be to see where my true talents lay and apply them to my course for the future.

  18. The beautiful and kind Ana!
    And for my wish, nothing less than a day of total perfection before I die.

  19. Adelina for her strong character.

    I would not wish on anything, I prefer to conquer my own dreams!

  20. Stronged character Adelina would make a great acquaintance and friend!

    As for wishes, some less Kg would be a good idea!

  21. 1. Signed the guestbook

    2. I'd love to meet Adelina because of her willingness to protect her friend.

    3. I wish my family and I would be happy and healthy every day.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  22. I would like to meet Ana because she sounds tender yet strong, and kind.

    I would wish for my family's happiness :-) if not that then I would love to be able to communicate with animals ;-p lol


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