Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cinders by Michelle Davidson Argyle

by Michelle Davidson Argyle

Published: 2010
Genre: Fairy Tale
Paperback: 182 pages
Rating: 5

Retelling: Cinderella

Description from the amazon:
Cinderella's happily-ever-after isn't turning out the way she expected.

With her fairy godmother imprisoned in the castle and a mysterious stranger haunting her dreams, Cinderella is on her own to discover true love untainted by magic.

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): magic

Here we have the non-blonde, non-sweet, Cindy of Disney.

She is quite different.

She is dark.

She is not a happy camper.

I was hooked to the very end to see the outcome of this Princess in this novella of what happens in the happily ever after part of her fairy tale.

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  1. Thank you for your review Velvet! If I don't win this one, I will buy it very soon! *_*

  2. Thanks for this awesome review! I love that your chosen word for it is "magic." That just makes me smile. :)

  3. Interesting! I would say that I can't picture a dark Cinderella, but SJ Maas changed that idea with her Queen Of Glass story.

    Definitely have to check this out!

  4. This one really caught my interest! But then again, I'm the suspicious type who wasn't too convinced about the happily-ever-after bit to start with LOL

    Count me in, Please! :D

  5. Awesome review! I'm totally sold!

  6. I keep hearing amazing things about this one :)


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