Thursday, August 26, 2010

Castle: Kitchen - Lucia

There is Siofra in our midst.

I am Lucia and work often in the castle kitchen.

But no one knows I am there because I only work at night.

I am a Siofra, you see. We are sprites who help mortals if we choose and Bryggja always has such interesting guests.

It is why I choose to stay here.

You will often find me with a tea towel tucked inot my apron strings.

And my favourite is a fine linen one with a pattern of birds.

I shall tell you something, it is magick and I can dry the dishes of a feast for 100 in a minute.

Don't you wish you had asked for one too?

Lucia has been commenting here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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  1. Lucia, do you have any tips for tiara upkeep?

  2. What is the strangest thing you have seen "unseen" by others?

  3. I read through all of them, and even commented at times. I'm curious why Lucia is under "mesmered" profile. Is this how she feels? Is it someone else whom she used their identity? Why is she afraid to be as her own name? Is she hiding?
    I know the Siofra are secretive at times, but please enlighten us to your ploy.

  4. Lucia, do you have other hobbies, things that you like to do when you're not helping out the worthy guests?

  5. Ah, but the question begs ...

    Dear Lucia

    Whom might one suppose spies on yourself unseen? For, as the Siofra must be the first to admit, there lays no end, nor beginning, in the world of magick?

    And what secrets might the unseen reveal about their kin?

    Can you hook me up with that Liam fellow?

  6. @bahnree, Tiaras are the responsibility of house brownies, not Siofra. We are the grandest. Which begs the question. Why do I work in the kitchen? @Gaida m @fredmans and @Mary Ann . . . you have alluded obliquely to my nature. I am a spy and listen to gossip and innuendo amongst the kitchen staff. It's well-known that the servants are the ears of a house. I spy because we Others do not trust mortals. They are wilful, stupid beings often with little intuition and some times they stumble over secrets in their stupidity, that we would not have them know. My job is to mesmer away their knowledge of our secrets. Ostensibly like washing dishes and then drying them with a teatowel.
    @Mary Ann . . . the only spy that spies on Siofra, and even they find it hard, is the Faeran of which Liam is one. Are you sure you are not Other? You speak the kind of riddles that we Others adore in our endeavours to trick mortals. I could introduce to Liam, for a price.
    But do you realise the price you will pay? Those who venture to Faeran may never come back, but if they do, if the Faeran let them, they will pine to death for a world they can never possess. Methinks it is best to lust after Liam, but never to love him. Heark to me.
    @Fredamans . . . you ask why I write under mesmered's name? I, Luica, am a Siofra about whom she writes in her various books. Mesmered is Prue Batten, fantasy author and 'friend' of all Others for it is she we 'trust' (I use that word advisedly) to deliver the story of Others in such a way that they shall be respected and NEVER taken for granted. As you know, there is a dark side to we Others that deserves respect. Be warned.

  7. Thank you Lucia for your answers and beautiful words. I fully respect all Others and hope one day we can live as one. United and strong.
    So glad you chose Prue to deliver your stories to us, they are wonderful and teach us a lot of Siofra. Thank you for entrusting her to tell them.

  8. Such an interesting life you must have!

  9. Dear Lucia~

    You are most accurate to regard mortals as untrustworthy creatures. Indeed, I am oft reminded of ill-tempered bears at the end of a rusty chain. Best to keep oneself out of arm's reach, or so I've found.

    You further correctly surmised that I am one of the Others ... with a small 'o' however, as my heritage is ... shall we say ... *mixed*?

    I cannot state with any certainty that my 'interest' in Liam might extend itself to love. Lust works quite nicely at the moment ;)

    Rest assured that I am quite willing and able to purchase my passage to Faeran. Concealed in my petticoats are three spheres: Brass for Yesterday, Silver for Today, and Gold for Tomorrow.

    Liam, or so I suspect, keeps hidden on HIS person (perhaps in his breeches, me thinks?) the two Sacred Keys of Here & There.

    Thus, all I desire from Faeran is a quick peek, and a quicker kiss. Do be so kind as to pass a gentle reminder on to Liam ...
    "a sharp needle draws more than blood"

    Yours in Gratitude,
    an other

    ps - Prue's books are going to the head of my TBR list - Love her playful imagination!!!

  10. @Mary Ann Ah . . . I knew it! It takes one to recognise one. Those of mixed heritage are the most exciting. Indeed, Prue is writing of one now, Nicholas by name: half Faeran, half mortal. He has . . . issues.

    I want to know where YOU found the three spheres, half the Others search and never get any closer, possibly because Liam has the keys for Here and There and possibly also, because silver is an anathema to all Others, as it has been iron in the past. Even if the Others got remotely close to where they were hidden, the silver would ward them away. The side of you that is other, not Other, must be protecting you! Do you not feel burning heat, scald, undue pain?

    I am also concerned that you wish a kiss from Liam. Did you not know that a kiss from an Other can cause the pining sickness? That you will trawl the world seeking that man that kissed you and never finding him? That you will not eat, nor sleep and you will grow thin and ill and eventually you will realise that you are going to die and that you will be buried in a pauper's shroud by the roadside? I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I can't envisage a way out of this for you. Please heark to me, Mary Ann.

  11. @Michelle Davidson Argyle. No I do not have wings, nor do any Others that I know. That seems to be a myth perpetuated by mortal artists, writers and poets, possibly because we tipped a little mushroom extract into their wine. I will leave you with an extract Prue wrote to describe my cousin, Primaflora in A Thousand Glass Flowers. Prue tells me the book is in London with people who decide if a book is worthy of dissemination. I wish I could mesmer them for her!

    'She was lovely, an absolute minikin reaching to his hip, proportioned perfectly, her breasts eager to spill from the top of the low-cut gown that hung in kerchief ends around her knees. Her shapely legs were clothed in gossamer stockings with flowers patterned on them and her face was as finely drawn as a Færan’s, with lustrous dark hair falling down her back.'

    And Velvet, if you wish that I, Lucia, seek entertainment elsewhere rather than highjacking this marvellous discussion, please say! This is the most fun I have had for a wee long while.

  12. Dear Lucia ~

    I am unfamiliar with such compassion as you have shown me. Yes. Pain is my constant companion - unwanted & unwooed, yet ever by my side.

    A small price to pay, that. More a matter of inconvenience than obstruction. My mixed heritage carries with it a peculiar gene of hard-headedness, or so I have been chastened.

    Now here, Dearest Lucia, I return the gift of compassion: You MUST tell your kind to abandon all search for the Sibilant Sea which births the Spheres. The ochre waves churn madly and seethe with the heat of a thousand suns. And rare is the event that heralds the birth of spheres instead of caustic bubbles. Truly I speak, for without Liam's Keys, you might search forever and miss the proper Here & There - such is the unpredictable nature of the Event.

    Yet this I may divulge as I trust you will keep my words close upon your honor ... legends hint of an alloy bound by the three, a metallurgical algorithm with such properties as to render time itself asunder.

    And AS for truth and honor and all things good - Nicholas HAS been found? This is no jest?

    My beloved, wayward stepbrother?! Alive!?!

    I thought him dead ...we all did.
    Nicholas the Lost.

    And now you say he's found?

    Remarkable, Lucia. I am avid, as we all are, to hear Prue's tale.

    So here I bring my pen to rest ... with Nicholas returned then I am freed to roam, to Faeran perchance as I fear not the pining sickness. Pain is the great equalizer; and while the Spheres remain in my possession I will never know love, fear or any of the powerful emotions in their entirety.

    Henceforth, the Spheres must return to Nicholas. He was appointed guardian, not myself. The onus shall rest with HIM.
    [Mesmered, this has been so much fun :D Thanks for *playing* along! Love your style!]


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