Monday, August 30, 2010

Castle: Epilogue

The unmentionables have been dealt with. Prince LeRoy and the knights were hard at work clearing the countryside of such despicable beings.

Some of us are in the dining room with tiaras on head to celebrate Queen Maerie's return from her tour of Spain. She arrived via the Santa Rosa last week and has finally settled back at home in Castle Bryggja.

Other guests were taken to the outskirts of Bruges by Robin and his band of men to seek transport back to their homes.

Queen Maerie has unpacked many gifts during the week to giveaway. Please check the sidebar and stake claims to those that interest you for today is the LAST DAY to do so.

Winners will be announced on the morrow.


NOTE: September Zombies invade next month.

Another note: Don't like zombies, no worries. Non-zombie posts will happen in the afternoons.

* image source castle dining room

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