Saturday, August 28, 2010

Castle: Sleeping Chamber

We have reached the second landing and entered a sleeping chamber.

There is something eerie about the room.

You feel a chill.

If you were clairvoyant, you would know if ghosts were in the room.

by Artist Arthur - my review

Description from the amazon:
When fifteen-year-old Krystal Bentley moves to Lincoln, Connecticut, her mom's hometown, she assumes her biggest drama will be adjusting to the burbs after living in New York City.

But Lincoln is nothing like Krystal imagined.

The weirdness begins when Ricky Watson starts confiding in her. He's cute, funny, a good listener—and everything she'd ever want—except that he was killed nearly a year ago.

Krystal's ghost-whispering talents soon lead other "freaks" to her door—Sasha, a rich girl who can literally disappear, and Jake, who moves objects with his mind.

All three share a distinctive birthmark in the shape of an M and, fittingly, call themselves the Mystyx. They set out to learn what really happened to Ricky, only to realize that they aren't the only ones with mysterious powers.

But if Krystal succeeds in finding out the truth about Ricky's death, will she lose him for good?

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  1. Where does a ghost go on Saturday night?
    Anywhere where he can boo-gie!


  2. Good one!
    I leave this one:

    Why are ghosts cowards?
    Because they've got no guts!


  3. A butler came running into his important masters office. "Sir, sir, theres a ghost in the corridor. What shall I do with him?" Without looking up from his work the master said, "Tell him I cant see him."

  4. A man was staying in a big old house and in the middle of the night he met a ghost.
    The ghost said, "I have been walking these corridors for 300 years."
    The man replied, "In that case, can you tell me the way to the toilet?"

  5. Why are ghosts bad at telling lies ?

    Because you can see right through them!

  6. One night, after closing time, a barman is sitting at his bar minding his own buisiness, when a spectral hound floats in through the door.
    The barman, being an exceptionally cool kind of guy, asks "Yeah, what do you want?".
    The phantom hound explains, in a haunting voice "Ive lost my tail... and cannot rest until a kindly barman stitches it back-on".
    At this request the barman stands back astonished and says to the phantom dog... "Sorry, but we dont re-tail spirits at this time of night".

  7. Signed the guestbook.

    Q: Where do ghosts go on vacation?
    A: The Eerie canal, Lake Eerie, or Mali-Boo!

  8. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

    Oooh ... been *dying* to read Manifest!!!

    Already signed the Guestbook :)

    Here's my joke:

    Why do Girl Ghosts go on a diet?
    So they can keep their GHOULISH figures!


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