Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Winners - Mansfield Park

Here are the winners for giveaways that
ended July 31, 2010
during the Mansfield Park event

Thanks to all contestants!

I will email winners for mailing addresses.
Winners, feel free to contact me with your info if you don't get my email
or if you are just too darn excited and want to let me know -- like NOW ;-D


The Sherlock Holmes Handbook
The Methods and Mysteries of the World's Greatest Detective
by Ransom Riggs
Courtesy of Quirk Books
-for 3 winners
Winner: Stella of Ex Libris
Winner: Patricia of Patricia's Particularity
Winner: Marjorie

The Crimes of Dr. Watson
An Interactive Sherlock Holmes Mystery
Author: John H. Watson, M.D.,
Edited and with an Introduction by, Duane Swierczynski
-for 2 winners
Courtesy of Quirk Books
Winner: Nastassia
Winner: k_sunshine1977 - no confirm
Winner backup: Giada

The Jane Austen Handbook
Courtesy of Quirk Books
Winner: Brianne of Brianne-a-rama - no confirm

Who Killed Mr. Boddy?
Winner: Ryan of Wordsmithonia

Murder on the Orient Express
Winner: Sharli of Entre Libros

Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories
Winner: Julie of Velvet-Rose

Sherlock Holmes Comic Book #4
Winner: Kris Cruz

Edmund Betram's Diary & Paperdoll
Winner: Angie of Vampires and Tofu

When asked who killed Mr Boddy?

Angie answered: It was Mrs. White in the kitchen with a candlestick. Having spent the past 10 years cooking and cleaning for Mr. White she was ready to run off and start a new life with Mr. Boddy who treated her as a woman, not just a glorified cook and maid. When Mr. Boddy came into the kitchen and suggested that she belonged there, barefoot and pregnant, Mrs. White had finally had enough. Grabbing the closest thing handy, she bashed his head in, turned the stove off and called for dinner reservations. Party of one.

Mansfield Park and Mummies & Mummy doll
Winner: angelshimmery of Shimmery Shelves

angelshimmery's mummy joke:

Q: What is the mummy's favorite musical program?
A: Name that tomb


* if not this time, maybe next time

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