Monday, August 23, 2010

Castle: Welcome


In a land far far away

in a time ages ago

we travel to Castle Bryggja

in Bruges

To begin exploring this Fairy Tale castle in Bruges

Please sign the guestbook below.

It is not mandatory and you can come back to sign the book at a later time.

But your signature is the key to many of the rooms in the Castle Bryggja.

Queen Maerie and her King Markus have invited us to stay at their beautiful castle for the week.

The castle is quite big and full of life in every corner. You may or may not encounter the charming Prince LeRoy who is presently in the garden wooing a maiden. His mischievous twin sister, Princess Lilith, could be in the Bower with Queen Maerie working on her daily embroidery in the mornings. Both are delightful characters to meet. If you see either make sure to pass this message along...

Brunhilde waits in the tower.

During your visit, you shall be taken to different rooms in Castle Bryggja where fairy tale related books will be presented to you.

Some to adore

and some to keep... if luck is with you.


* the direct link to the guestbook form is here

* The room in the castle called the Bower was intended for the Lady of the castle and used as her private withdrawing-room where she would embroider. -per Medieval Castle Life

* image source quill and paper

* image source egg

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