Thursday, August 5, 2010

Winners - Irons Seas Challenge pt 1

Here are the winners for the giveaway that
ended August 3, 2010

Thanks to all contestants!


This giveaway was the first part of my serial series Iron Seas Challenge.

What is a serial series challenge?

A fun way to read a book series.

It is a challenge whereby reading and reviewing a book makes you eligible to win the next book in its series.

In this case, my original Burning Up giveaway was to simply accept the first challenge. One winner would be chosen to receive Burning Up to kick-off the series.

However, I was contacted by the author, Meljean Brook, who offered to give complimentary copies to those who met the first challenge. Thanks, Meljean!!!

Iron Seas Voyage Challenge:

The goal: to read and review the books in this series

The goodie (for part 1): COMPLIMENTARY book, Burning Up

Extra goodies: opportunities to win each book in the series

The extras: fun events and prize tie-ins along the way

Open to all who are over age 18.

The challenge is actually made up of many parts and lasts as long as the series does.


Burning Up
by Meljean Brook
Angela Knight
Nalini Singh
and Virginia Kantra

Release date: August 3, 2010

Description from author's site:

The Iron Seas
THE IRON SEAS series combines nanotech and pirates with a gritty, gaslit Victorian atmosphere to create swashbuckling steampunk romance…with an emphasis on the steam.

“Here There Be Monsters”

Meljean Brook launches a bold new steampunk series as a desperate woman strikes a provocative — and terrifying — bargain to gain overseas passage.

Two years ago, blacksmith Ivy, desperate to flee London, purchased her overseas passage by agreeing to spend the voyage in the bed of the pirate captain, Mad Machen.

Saved at the last minute by his rival, Ivy scraped out a new life in Fool’s Cove…until Mad Machen finds her, forces her to accept a job that will create a monster, and reminds her that she still owes him the price of a journey…

Excerpt snippet:
Chapter 1

By the time Ivy found Ratcatcher Row, yellow fog smothered the docklands. She inched along the unfamiliar street, holding her right hand out to her side and using the buildings facing the narrow wooden walk as a guide. Though only an arm’s length away, the thick mist dissolved Ivy’s gloved fingers into ghostly outlines. On her left, the clicking, segmented shadow of a spider-rickshaw scurried by on the cobblestones, and the hydraulic hiss of the driver’s thrusting feet seemed to whisper a single refrain.

Hurry, hurry, hurry.


Each participant listed below received a copy from the author.

1. vvb

2. Giada

3. Sullivan McPig

4. Mary Ann

5. Carrie

6. Joie-Elise

7. WolfAngel

8. Freda

9. Lexie

10. Throuthehaze

11. Ophelia

12. Celia

13. SiNn

14. Pearl

15. Trisha

16. Brizmus

17. Chas

Part 2 of the challenge now begins.

In order to be eligible to win the next book in the series, The Iron Duke, anyone can submit a review of Meljean's story in Burning Up. I will post the Iron Seas Part 2 challenge giveaway details tomorrow.


* you do not have to be on the participant list to join in this serial series challenge

Everyone is welcome to join in each phase!

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