Monday, September 5, 2011

A Nicholson - horrorshow!

Be Nicholson's Agent


A special month-long Spread-the-Word fest on Scott Nicholson's horror-thriller-suspense books.

ALSO, included in this special month are plenty of book and gift card giveaway offers along the way.

Per Scott:
It's almost September, and you know what that means...autumnal splendor, Labor Day, football, and Be Nicholson's Agent.

In the old days, agents sold books to publishers and got 15 percent. Now readers sell books to other readers.

I want you to be my agent and spread the word about my books. And I'm giving you 15 percent of my ebook earnings this month.


For the first phase, Scott is offering a $200 giveaway!

(More details and other ways to particapte in this here that ends September 8, 2011.)

DO any or all of the following to enter Scott's $200 giveaway:

Author Scott Nicholson's $200 giveaway #BeNicholsonsAgent @hauntedcomputer Plz RT

Author Scott Nicholson is giving away $200 in gift cards as part of his Be Nicholson's Agent event

LIKE Scott's kindle books on amazon. See list here.

SHARE the Barnes & Noble NookBooks list below:

Click the Facebook "Like" and "Google+" buttons for each book, which shares that book with your Facebook and Google+ friends. Please click only on books where I am listed as author--not anthologies or people using my name. Count the number of books you share--this is your number of entries.

Cursed! (with J.R. Rain)

Ghost College (with J.R. Rain)

The Vampire Club (with J.R. Rain)

ADD your Amazon shares to your shares.

Email and put in the subject line "Shares: XX," with XX being the number of your total shares.

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