Monday, September 26, 2011

Zombie update from: Nova Scotia

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by Gef of Wag the Fox
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Near Margaretsville, Nova Scotia...

We buried Grandma today, but I have a bad feeling she'll dig herself out. Nobody else wants to believe she's one of them now. They're all so sure the disease is an "out there" problem, and Nova Scotia is sheltered from the storm. No ships from outside are allowed to dock, not since the outbreak, and no planes are allowed to land either--they shot that one plane down a week ago. It crashed somewhere out in the South Mountains. Got the whole area cordoned off from what I hear. Most of the army is focused on the narrow strip of land that connects us to the rest of Canada. We keep the hordes from getting past that point and we're supposed to be fine.

But we're not fine.

And that dead shark that washed up on the North shore last week, I know it was infected. Damnedest thing, too. A great white. Grandma took us boys down to take a look last week. Had whales wash up on the banks before, but never a shark. Scariest thing I ever saw. I wouldn't go near it, my cousins telling me I'm a chickensh-t. Grandma wanted some teeth for souvenirs before the scientists come by to haul it off to Halifax. She nicked her finger on one of them when the jaw moved while she was prying them loose. She said it was nothing, but when we left I saw that jaw was still moving. The thing was dead alright, but still moving.

We're supposed to be safe, but Grandma got sick really fast after that. Couldn't have a proper funeral on account of all the bad stuff going on "out there." We buried her in the backyard next to her tomato garden. Reverand came by to say a few words. Everyone's trying to pretend it was just her time, old age and all that. But she was only seventy-something and had more life in her any old person I ever saw.

I went back down to the beach by myself in the afternoon after we buried her. I wanted to see that shark again. Most of the meat on it had rotted away from sitting in the sun for a week out there on the rocks. I hear people in China and places like to eat shark, but they'd go off it pretty quick if they saw that thing. Stank to high heaven, too. And that jaw was still moving, but I don't know how.

I'm going to stay up late tonight. Probably won't sleep at all. I keep thinking Grandma is like that shark now. She might be dead, but she'll start moving again. I just know it.


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by Gef of Wag the Fox
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