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Zombie update from: Canada

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by Chrystal of Snowdrop Dreams of Books
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Sept 20, 2011

Who knew that one day all of the things I read in Rot & Ruin by Jonathan
Maberry could come true? I honestly, love the book to death, but didn't
really think I'd be put in a position that I'd have to remember the things
I learned about zombie apocalypse survival.

No one can tells us how this started - all of the signals are down - no
TV, no internet and no radio. All we have for information is word of mouth
when we come across survivors here and there. One minute everything was
normal and in a matter of a few hours, all hell broke loose. I just
thought some of the local university and college students were pulling a
prank, since we are getting closer Hallowe'en, but I realized shortly
after that it wasn't just students being annoying during homecoming
parties - it was much worse - people dying, people screaming and people
coming back from the dead. I watched a man get pulled to the ground by
three zoms and within minutes he had turned - I didn't believe it until I
had seen it with my own eyes.

Most of the area looks like a war zone - buildings in crumbles from the
local military base trying to take down the zoms. It's like walking
amongst the ruins of a different era.

We've barricaded the doors and windows on our apartment (I did learn that
zombies can't turn door knobs or at least MOST can't do it). We've been
scavenging for supplies like water, food and weapons - we live close to a
grocery store and hardware store. So far I've learned that the hospitals
have been swamped by the zoms and are hard to get to - so no sense heading
there for medical supplies - I'll just salvage what I can from my local

Sept 21, 2011

We've created our own "carpet coats" just like in Rot & Ruin, so that when
we have to leave our shelter we can do so without incurring any zom bites.
We've also accumulated weapons like baseball bats, hockey sticks and golf
clubs - no guns sadly, as no on near us were hunters or carried firearms.

I've learned that if you walk slow enough or mimic the movement of the
wind that the zoms don't notice you as much. Bathing is out of the
question because you smell too clean and the more disgusting you smell the
less likely they are to attack you. These are the things I learned from
reading my zombie books. And my friends said I was wasting my life reading
so much fiction... MUAHAHAHA... who's laughing now?

Sept 22, 2011

Today we brought home tons and tons of food and bottled water. I think we
might be the only ones still alive in our apartment building. It might be
time to start scavenging through their apartments to gather supplies and
look for survivors. The front entrance to the building is broken wide open
- it was solid glass and somehow it was broken... so the only thing
keeping the zoms out is out apartment door. It's getting harder and harder
to leave the apartment - and we don't want to have t move since we've
gathered so many supplies and everything we had worked so hard for is
still here - I guess it just makes me feel safe to be surrounded by
familiar things.

Sept 23, 2011

It's sad to see our friends and neighbors turn into such soulless
creatures. I have no idea how my family is doing, but I come from a line
of survivors - nothing keeps us down for long - so I'm optimistic that
they are all going to make it through this. We are a very creative bunch
and I'm sure my Dad and brother have some MacGuyveresque tricks up their
sleeves that will work.

I have been collecting things that remind me of before - like books,
pictures, knick knacks, dishes, etc. All things that I hope can be
salvaged to make life more comfortable down the road. I am a creature of
habit and dislike change. So the more I can surround myself with everyday
items, the easier this ordeal might be to weather.

I hope this ends soon, or a cure is found for those infected so that we
can start rebuilding our lives. Do you think that since it's so cold up
here in Canada during winter that maybe they would die from freezing to
death or is that just wishful thinking?


~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by Chrystal of Snowdrop Dreams of Books
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

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Rot & Ruin
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