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Zombie update from: UK

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by Kara of Nocturnal Book Reviews
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I'm sitting in my bunker while hordes of zombies are roaming the wastelands of what previously has been known as Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Electricity is almost out for the night. We have to be very careful with the supplies, you know? Even the tunnels which have been built in the last 25 years post zombie apocalypse are not safe to use in search of food, clothes and ammunition, because to get to your destination you have to go through zombie rats and zombie slugs, and when you get there you still have to venture outside. Not everyone comes back. Nuff said.

Anyway, I've got 30 mins and the ancient laptop I found has a funny post about movie characters the author would have wanted with her in zombie apocalypse. Ha-bloody-ha. It's so ridiculous I just have to share it with you!

1. Cherry in Grindhouse: Planet Terror

Author: She is super cool tough chick, our Rose McGowan! Even without her leg she is lethal.

Me: Yeah, and what happens when she runs out of bullets and can't run away? Zombie om-nom-nom.

2. Shaun from Shaun of The Dead

A: If that guy could survive his bunch of moronic friends in zombie apocalypse, I want him on my team!

Me: Ditto. The worst team of almost survivors I've ever seen. It's a miracle, Shaun stayed alive. On the other hand, he might have been just lucky. Still I would want his luck.

3. Alice from Resident Evil

A: She is mean, lean, killing machine with super powers and immunity to the virus. What else do you want?

Me: Can't argue with that. If she was real, getting in and out of the tunnels would have been a hell of a lot easier.

4. River from Serenity

A: This girl is amazing! Not only she is super fast, she moves like a dream. She'll chop any zombie into little pieces in no time.

Me: She is a valuable asset, but a bit unpredictable. What if her super abilities won't switch on on time? Oh well, at least she can run.

5. Ash from Evil Dead

A: You have to admit, this guy has a lot of experience, - zombies, witches, demons, different worlds. You name it he's done it. I would want him on my team.

Me: Oh yeah, no arguing with that. And that chainsaw would be very useful too! Although he does have terrible luck with his girlfriends :)


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~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by Kara of Nocturnal Book Reviews
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