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Russian Roulette by Mike Faricy

Russian Roulette
by Michael Faricy

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Published: 2011
Genre: Thriller
Rating: 5

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At no surprise, dysfuntional PI Devlin Haskell falls in bed with his latest client. She's gone by the time he wakes and hasn't the foggiest notion that, from now on, he'll be dealing with the Russian mob.

Along the way he finds himself at odds with a Russian butcher, local police and an FBI task force investigating human trafficking.

In the process of getting answers Dev washes up on the far side of the law. He's shot, beaten, car bombed and used as a human shield, all in the name of justice, at least as he comes to see it.

An entertaining tale of rank ineptitude and one night stands.

Russian Roulette is another fast paced tale from the master of the bizarre, Mike Faricy.

Amusing quote:
Screw up this time? What do you mean? You've never had to bail me out before.

What about the Allman Brothers concert? she said.

That doesn't count.

The Allman Brothers, oh man, gnarly, Harold laughed.
- location 1614, chapter 26

Russian Roulette
Mr. Softee

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): nail-biter
Whoa! this guy takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

The Private Investigator ambiance is portrayed well in this story with a likable main character who works in a laid-back style. Loved his quips with police counterpart/buddy. The dialogue caused me to chuckle at times.


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