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Zombies News Flash from: Cabazon, CA

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by AimeeKay of How can you help?
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Received from the desert around Cabazon and Desert Hot Springs...

Excerpt from Diary: June 24th

It's June and it's hot, too hot...

It's been hot for days.

We finally made the decision to move from the desert up into the mountains, hoping to find relief from the heat.

I'm not sure if I like the least in the desert it's flat and we can see things coming.

I suggested we try to explore more of the old casino...try to clear it out...they should have gennys in there somewhere for power outages right?

Mat thinks it's a bad idea though. Too many places to hide, too many dark places.

He says we don't have enough ammo to waste trying it and failing....we'd already tried a few of the bigger buildings in a few of the towns we passed and had some close calls.

It's was weird....everything was broken, like this bad neighborhood we used to live in...

Buildings falling apart, trash everywhere, broken windows, abandoned cars...but it wasn't just restricted to one area, it was the whole town.

Then there was the graffiti, it was everywhere too. But it wasn't the normal tagger signs, like the ones that you see on train cars, no not like that at all. These red,blue or green, 3 ft tall cries for help. Sprayed on sheets and hung from windows. Saying how many were inside, or giant x's on the buildings.

I guess someone had had the courtesy to let us know that those inside were beyond help. We'd checked out a few of both just to be certain. We decided after that not to look anymore We still investigate the towns for ammo and supplies, but we stopped looking for people.

They came to us, before we settled in the desert there were at least 10 vehicles in our caravan. So we were hard to miss.

We've been lucky, the only other people we've run into have simply wanted to survive, and have been too busy doing that to think of fighting.

Guess he's right, about the casinos....

I just don't like the idea of going up into the hills, the roads are crazy steep and winding, I don't wanna risk losing the RV we found.

(I don't know why I just wrote found, like anyone's gonna read this, like anyone is left to give a rat's ass if we took it or not. They were all just sitting there in the lot, 4 or 5 big ones, this one was the biggest though, even had some new solar powered panels hooked up on top, We didn't even have to break into the office to get the keys, the plate window out front was smashed. We just walked right in, grabbed all the key rings off the pegs behind the counter and luckily the ones we needed were still there.)

The panels work well enough, we should just stay right here, but I think Mat's worried about the water. There's not a lot left down here...maybe he's hopin' to find some place that maybe the fires in the hills missed.

When everything fell apart there weren't any fire fighters left to put them out...add in some firebugs and some religious freaks who where convinced they could burn the "evil" away....

They burned everything away all right. hundreds of thousands of acres just burning and burning we could see the hills on fire all the way out here in the desert. At night they glowed red...all the way up 'til the rains came in the winter.

A few others are planning on going with us up the hill. Danny and his wife, Erica and her kids, and maybe a few others.

Some are going to try to tough it out here though, maybe they'll have enough water once some of us leave...

Alexis and John were fighting over whether to go or not, he wants to go, in fact she even screamed at him to, we laid awake listening to them fight all night long, but he won't leave without her, he's afraid she won't be here if he comes back.

He's afraid nothing will be. That the desert will swallow up who ever stays behind, or that something worse will...

It's getting darker, but not cooler, I guess I'll try to sleep for a bit.

Mat said we will leave in the morning, since no one wants to drive at night.


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by AimeeKay of How can you help?
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