Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zombie update from: Sacramento, CA pt2

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by Pabkins of Mission to Read!
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Zombies, The Quick and the Dead?

In my foray into the world of zombie - I often discuss zombies with my friends, much to their distress I'm sure. So of course if someone were to be say - stuck in a car with me for anything more than an hour - of course the topic of zombies would come up...I just can't help myself.

One particular friend gets freaked out by zombie movies - she couldn't handle the movie 28 Days later and asked:

"What is up with those freakishly fast zombies?"

So I put this to all of you. What the freak IS up with them? It's not enough that they never tire, there are way more of them than there are you (hopefully you being the survivor), they are eternally hungry, and one of the worst offense probably, they stink! - trying to eat me because you're hungry I can forgive - stinking in my general vicinity I cannot. Thankfully I've not experienced this first hand.

A very few Examples of the Quick zombies:

28 Days Later (these guys aren't even technically dead now are they!! - a whole nother topic of discussion there)

Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy ("the fast ones")

Zombieland (oh yeah fatty could move!)

fyi: on Zombieland 2

So share with us any examples of the quick you can think of!


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AimeeKay's pic for Pabkins: from Dawn of the Dead 2004

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by Pabkins of Mission to Read!
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  1. @Pabkins - you brought up an excellent point; since when DID zombies become *quick*?!

    I'm like you, The Forest of Hands & Teeth was my earliest remembered introduction to the fast ones.

    Overall, I think the *quick* aspect has been thrown in as a way of bringing a new element into play. A re-vamping of the same ol, same ol. Personally, I love it ;D

  2. Dawn of the Dead the 2004 remake. In one scene there's the guy with his arms missing and he's just sprinting towards the main character, or the other scene where the fat lady dies and the next minute she's just jumping all over the place. Uck its the ones that move so quick that really terrify me...


    Here's a pic of the fat lady, couldn't find one of the armless guy

  4. Haha awesome thanks! I agree the fast zombies are now a necessity..gotta spice things up!

  5. Speaking of fast, I have to mention Dawn of the Dead 2004 again. When the zombie little girl attacks her husband, she was damn fast! And then when her husband turns, he is freakishly fast too. Yes, I think the fast zombies are super scary!

  6. Zombies in general - super scary. Oh I have to email V this awesome spray painted thing I found in the parking lot of Denny's. it was like - watch for living dead or something.

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  7. Boy Eats Girl has some pretty fast zombies. I swear it's not a porno, every time I mention this movie that is the first thing people ask me.


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