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Mar the Pirate Vampire by Vianka Van Bokkem

Mar the Pirate Vampire
(teen-paranormal romance)
by Vianka Van Bokkem

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Published: 2010
Genre: Vampires, YA
Rating: 3

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The English Captain of the “Medusa’s Lair” pirate ship gets killed in battle leaving his only daughter “Mar” with the dilemma of taking the Captain title. The crew does not seem to accept her as a Captain because she is a young female.

What the crew does not know is that she was attacked by a vampire on the night of her 22nd birthday and she is now a pirate vampire. After a demonstration of vampire power the crew does not dare to question her abilities and start calling her Captain right away.

Mar is going to find true love, learn charity and meet Yargo the waterling who was once a warlock during her sailing adventures.

Sailing the Bermuda Triangle series:
Mar the Pirate Vampire
book 2 - tba

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): fangs
Loved the premise, characters and adventures in this story. This first story in the series is a tame one in that it is told without vampire gore and pirate plunder.

This vampire pirate gal is forging her own way with pirate riches.

Note: I would have liked to see more in regards to details. i.e. descriptions as well as character thoughts and feelings.

I'm sooooo curious to see how this storyline develops in book 2 especially with Yargo???


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