Thursday, September 22, 2011

nom-nom challenge #2

nom-nom challenge #2

PRIZE: zombie book of your choice (from book list) and goodies from the Neatorama zombie shop

On the even days at 5am pst during September Zombies I will post a nom-nom task for this challenge giveaway.

-offer ends October 16, 2011

It will be easy.

It will be fun.

BUT, you must complete all 6 tasks:
links will be provided for these as the posts go live

sep 20: #1 say nom-nom
sep 22: #2 design-a-zombie - see task below
sep 24: #3 noshing
sep 26: #4 brainzzz
sep 28: #5 zombie lovin'
sep 30: #6 signup form

Last month had a Plants vs. Zombies: Design-A-Zombie contest based on Plants vs. Zombies zombies.

Participants submitted their answers to these questions:

If you could add your own zombie to Plants vs. Zombies, what would it be?
What would it look like?
What powers would it have?

Here are 3 from the top ten favorites:

Evil Fairy Godmother Zombie would wear a tutu and carry a wand. Her wand would make all plants, Peashooters etc, fall asleep. Her weakness? Gold! While one may be able to kill her with the right amount of Flamingpeas etc, the most efficient way to kill her would be by popping out a Gold Peashooter (a Peashooter that shoots gold at the enemy). All this Evil Fairy Godmother wants is to consume your gold, and with a Gold Peashooter, one can surely finish her off easily. When facing a plant that she has already put to sleep with her lovely wand, she would dance over them gracefully and end up either being run over by the lawn mower, or entering your house to search for your gold to no avail and will, unfortunately, end up eating your BRAIN!
Submitted by Ichbin Das Krümelmonster.

Lounge Singer Zombie would be cheesy, carrying an old fashioned microphone and he would stop at random to serenade anyone around at th time. He would cause a distraction by singing, which could be a welcome momentary break fo a player. I picture an old leisure suit and a big toothy (albeit decayed) grin.
Submitted by John Nelson.

Skin Head/Punk Zombie would wear big doc martens, have punk/skin head hair, would have turned up jeans and a punk jacket. He would have high defense power. When being attacked by a flower he would use his doc marten boots to crush it. His hair would be like razor blades if he had a Mohican. He would also be able to pull sharp objects out of his jacket to throw at the flower. With his boots it would take just a few amount of shots to kill the plants, but with his other weapons it would take longer. LONG LIVE PUNK ZOMBIE.
Submitted by Beth Oldfield.

See the complete top ten here.

For today's task, I ask the same question to you...

If you could add your own zombie to Plants vs. Zombies, what would it be?
What would it look like?
What powers would it have?

LEAVE your answer in comments.


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