Thursday, September 22, 2011

nom-nom challenge #2

nom-nom challenge #2

PRIZE: zombie book of your choice (from book list) and goodies from the Neatorama zombie shop

On the even days at 5am pst during September Zombies I will post a nom-nom task for this challenge giveaway.

-offer ends October 16, 2011

It will be easy.

It will be fun.

BUT, you must complete all 6 tasks:
links will be provided for these as the posts go live

sep 20: #1 say nom-nom
sep 22: #2 design-a-zombie - see task below
sep 24: #3 noshing
sep 26: #4 brainzzz
sep 28: #5 zombie lovin'
sep 30: #6 signup form

Last month had a Plants vs. Zombies: Design-A-Zombie contest based on Plants vs. Zombies zombies.

Participants submitted their answers to these questions:

If you could add your own zombie to Plants vs. Zombies, what would it be?
What would it look like?
What powers would it have?

Here are 3 from the top ten favorites:

Evil Fairy Godmother Zombie would wear a tutu and carry a wand. Her wand would make all plants, Peashooters etc, fall asleep. Her weakness? Gold! While one may be able to kill her with the right amount of Flamingpeas etc, the most efficient way to kill her would be by popping out a Gold Peashooter (a Peashooter that shoots gold at the enemy). All this Evil Fairy Godmother wants is to consume your gold, and with a Gold Peashooter, one can surely finish her off easily. When facing a plant that she has already put to sleep with her lovely wand, she would dance over them gracefully and end up either being run over by the lawn mower, or entering your house to search for your gold to no avail and will, unfortunately, end up eating your BRAIN!
Submitted by Ichbin Das Krümelmonster.

Lounge Singer Zombie would be cheesy, carrying an old fashioned microphone and he would stop at random to serenade anyone around at th time. He would cause a distraction by singing, which could be a welcome momentary break fo a player. I picture an old leisure suit and a big toothy (albeit decayed) grin.
Submitted by John Nelson.

Skin Head/Punk Zombie would wear big doc martens, have punk/skin head hair, would have turned up jeans and a punk jacket. He would have high defense power. When being attacked by a flower he would use his doc marten boots to crush it. His hair would be like razor blades if he had a Mohican. He would also be able to pull sharp objects out of his jacket to throw at the flower. With his boots it would take just a few amount of shots to kill the plants, but with his other weapons it would take longer. LONG LIVE PUNK ZOMBIE.
Submitted by Beth Oldfield.

See the complete top ten here.

For today's task, I ask the same question to you...

If you could add your own zombie to Plants vs. Zombies, what would it be?
What would it look like?
What powers would it have?

LEAVE your answer in comments.


* image source header from shirtoid - yes you can get this image (without with September Zombies caption) on a t-shirt - please note artwork by K.M.Larwood

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  1. If you could add your own zombie to Plants vs. Zombies, what would it be?
    I'd make a Hillbilly Zombie.

    What would it look like? He'd wear overalls with one strap unbuttoned so he has to keep hitching his pants up to keep his zombie butt covered. He's got a few missing teeth. A straw hat, and rides a john deere lawn mower.

    What powers would it have? He could spit chewing tobacco in your face to stun you then chomp down on your sweet sweet flesh, or ride you over with his lawnmower!

  2. Ha, I don't know if there is a zombie like that already but I imagine Disco Ball Zombie. You know, - looks like John Travolta in glittering 70's outfit and bulky shoes on heals? He will dance to cheesy 70's disco hits and the plants will wither under the assault of unbearable music and bad dancing routine.

  3. I would create a Babysitter Zombie. In lieu of my son's actions of late, this would be priceless.
    She would only feed them brains, and would make them dance constantly to Thriller.
    She would wear lots of pink, and a big trucker hat with a brain attached to it. Funny sight, but aren't all teenagers funny to look at?!

  4. A Zombie Boar!
    It would look like a zombified wild boar of course and it would shovel over plants with its tusks.

  5. An Emo Zombie dressed all in black with some hipster plaid thrown in. Of course its dark hair would be in its face to hid the streaked makeup. It would cry tears of acid and throw razor CDs.

  6. I would make a nerd zombie. Dressed in a checkered shirt and chinos with braces to hold them up. It would have big square glasses and pens in the pocket of its checked shirt. Its power would be the ability to sniff out those brains of higher intelligence than others as it loves a delicious smart brain.

  7. My all-time favorite pc game! My *tree* is seriously over 4,000 ft tall lol I play this game FAR too often ;D

    Okay then. MY zombie creation would be
    Yes, folks. The time has arrived to add a FEMALE undead to the mix, and what better than a trashy, blonde bee-hive, red lipsticked with thick blue eyeshadow, artifical nail-sporting salon-ho [stilettos are optional]?! ;D

    Salon Sally is basically weak and just there for sex appeal, but she DOES have the power to *beautify* - turning Wall-Nuts and Tall-Nuts into tacky versions of herself complete with false eyelashes and fuschia-colored beehive hairdos [and possibly adding breast implants if this game ever goes *adult* hehe]

  8. Ooze shooter zombie!
    Every shamble the zombie does shoots spritz of zombie infectious goo out of any bite marks on their body!

    So if the zombie was one that was bitten a bunch he is like a water hose with a crazy ton of sprinkler holes in it!

    If you aren't wrapped in a garbage bag you can expect to get infected really quickly!

  9. Coffee zombie! The head would be a percolator. Coffee beans would be shot like bullets out of the hands.
    The excess caffeine would induce a Buzz Kill. lol

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  10. A cheshire cat zombie! He would look like the cheshire cat of old, but half of the skin around that grin would be rotted off, along with various patches of no hair and green rot all over his body. With his already intact power of appearing and disappearing, he could catch his victims utterly unaware, appearing with his teeth already sunk into the unsuspecting victim. Poor Alice!


  11. Juggler zombie!

    He would be dressed in a dazzling pearled Maillot trying to keep three brains in the air at the same time.
    He would regularly let one brain fall to the ground while trying to catch them in his mouth.

  12. I'd have a ninja zombie, all decked out in black with some bloody gashes and my lovely little silent zombie can use his samurai sword and a few throwing stars for good measure.

  13. The Calimero zombie!
    He already has the egg to wear as a helmet!
    And around here, Calimero is someone who is always complaining. So, if a zombie is moaning, he is kind of complaining, right?
    I think it's the perfect chicken-zombie there will ever be!

  14. The White Trash Zombie:

    First of all for some reason they are always female. They also all have badly bleached blonde hair. Somehow they have maintained the same clothing they wore when alive. Torn up daisy dukes that are two sizes too small and a ripped up and stained half top wife beater. The white trash zombie somehow also always has a half smoked ciggarette hanging from their mouth, along with bits of uneaten gore. They have at least 5 baby white trash zombies at all times that are following them around.
    Their super powers are that their zombie moans are loader and more obnoxious than the average zombie and have the ability to make regular humans forget their own safety and just walk up and smack them. Which of course puts the regular human in perfect munching range.


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