Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giveaway: Lust After Death by Daisy Harris

Lust After Death
by Daisy Harris

Excerpt from the beginning: chapter one

On either side of the door to her prison, panes of colored glass alternated with clear. Josie Friedman lowered her face to look through a square. Her breath blew puffs of steam on the window.

A riot of green battled outside. Celadon moss hung from algae-covered branches. Ferns burst from rotted logs and hostas curved from wet indentation. Her maker Adam's rough gravel driveway bled onto an unpaved road. Everything looked slick and damp, soft alternating with hard. She imagined the crunch of stones under her feet, though she'd never left the house.

Her eyes followed the gray stream of pebbles to where it disappeared in a thicket of vines, but something caught her eye. At first she thought it moved. Or maybe at first it did move, but then it was still, it was a man.

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