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Meet Rajeeb the Djinn

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by Prue Batten
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

My name is Rajeeb and I am a djinn, one of those that live in and out of the mortal world of the Raj in Eirie. There are different classes of us. Like there are different ‘families’ of vampires or the Færan or even afrits and Siofra. But I, to my eternal damnation, horror and hate, am the son of the King of the Djinns.

My history is not to be related here; it is told with varying degrees of pain in a story about paperweights, but I was asked to tell you… to tell you something… to tell you about a paranormal event.

So hard to do. My whole life is paranormal. My world is underpinned by the paranormal. Paranormal beings, those we call Others, are the lining of the Eirish world in the same way that you may have a lining in your jacket. The difference being that your lining protects and comforts.

Once not long ago, a mortal called Severine found a charm of immortality, a long-hidden charm, and she discovered that if she were to be immortal she needed two Faeran souls. The ethereal pieces would be sewn into the lining of her clothes whereby she would absorb the essence of immortality. The charm had a ring called the Soul-Syphon and it was with this that she sucked out two immortal souls from their owners, causing the most unbearable and unimaginable pain, and death to the two Færan.

She was caught by the Others at a Carnivale ball during the Venichese Days of the Dark. And she was tried and found guilty of her crimes. Her sentence was given to a mortal to proclaim but that mortal could not. That woman, a woman we shall call Adelina, was owed a wish by me. I shall not reveal why. So she wished for me to take Severine to the Court of the Djinns and have the sentence proclaimed and meted out.

By Had ‘Al Khorine, I wish she had not…

My father ordered Severine to be flayed! Do you know what that is?

Her skin was stripped from her body.

It was then transformed into the most perfect, and I hate that I must say that, the most perfect covering for a book and that book given back to Adelina for her to write her memoir, the purpose being that if any mortal’s hands touched the book without following Adelina’s instructions then they would die… shrivelled to a crisp.

My father is always one with the grand gesture and his purpose was to underline the power of Others in the Eirish world and how we must never be taken for granted.

Did he succeed?

Who knows?

Well what do you think of us?

Would you observe the rule of Others?

Would you live in fear and trepidation, surrounding yourself with charms?

The best way to describe myself would be to use a quote written about me by Mark Williams on a recent blog.

Here it is:
‘She lives in Tasmania, has a pet Tasmanian Devil called Gisborne, eats kangaroos’ testicles, has the most ridiculous one-star ever awarded on Amazon, and wrote a novel on Twitter…’

Believe it or not, most of it is true. My husband and I own a farm so we do have lots of kangaroos around, but the testicles? Ugh! As to the Tasmanian Devil? I wish I did have one for a pet, but as recently reported in the Huffington Post, the poor little things are suffering the ravaging effects of a disease that is bringing them to the edge of extinction. Better the scientists and conservation zoos look after them than me.

And I do have a one star rating on Amazon… a woman bought my first book thinking it was an embroidery book despite the blurb and then gave ME a one star despite Her mistake.

And yes, myself and 50 others wrote a Jane Austen style novel on Twitter which was mentioned by The Times (UK) no less. Find out about the twitter Austen Project here.

Me in a nutshell!


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~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by Prue Batten
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

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