Monday, September 19, 2011

Fair Winds! Iron Duke by Meljean Brook

And so the last guest post for Talk Like A Pirate Day finds us with the infamous pirate book reviewer, the PiRat!

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by PiRat of Book Rat
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A review post excerpt...

The Iron Duke
by Meljean Brook

PiRat says: Oh, The Iron Duke. Where do I even begin? I guess first I should thank Velvet for being so amazeballs and sending this to me (thanks, V!). I overcame my loathing of "chestical" covers to read this due to its inclusion of steampunk zombies, and for all that it is flawed, I have to say I enjoyed (nearly) every minute of it.

Read the complete review here.

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by PiRat of Book Rat
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fyi: Meljean Brook, author of Iron Duke, is available on Goodreads for a chat Q&A ask anything event, Sep 19-21 here


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