Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahoy! The Pirate's Eye by Stephanie Marie Harrold

AHOY Matey!

look ye yonder..

methinks here be a book to plunder...

The Pirate's Eye
by Stephanie Marie Harrold
-pirates, YA
Release date: October 18, 2011

Victoria Smith has lived a life of leisure in a quaint seaport town. Being the daughter of a wealthy merchant means one day marrying into another fine family. Sometimes, however, Victoria finds herself looking out at sea, dreaming of adventure. Her father warns her of the dangers of the sea, reminding her of the mysterious death of her mother during a pirates' raid many years ago.

One night, her quiet port town is attacked by pirates. Victoria is kidnapped and taken away on board a mysterious ship that houses a dark secret. While on board The One-Eyed Fortune, led by the arrogant Captain Conway, Victoria learns of a cursed eye that will show the beholder of it the whereabouts of a hidden treasure. But that's not the only secret the ship holds for Victoria.

Does Captain Conway know something about her mother? And who is Brock, the handsome, mysterious deckhand? Besides finding herself aboard a dangerous pirate ship, Victoria and the crew of The One-Eyed Fortune must contend with the constant threat of yet another pirate ship, captained by an evil man known as Marrow. Readers will enjoy this swashbuckling tail of adventure on the high seas.

Set sail with Victoria, Captain Conway, and a gang of one-eyed pirates to find a treasure and solve a mystery seventeen years in the making!


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