Friday, September 30, 2011

nom-nom challenge #6

nom-nom challenge #6
signup form
last one

PRIZE: zombie book of your choice (from book list) and goodies from the Neatorama zombie shop

On the even days at 5am pst during September Zombies I will post a nom-nom task for this challenge giveaway.

-offer ends October 16, 2011

It will be easy.

It will be fun.

BUT, you must complete all 6 tasks:
links will be provided for these as the posts go live

sep 20: #1 say nom-nom
sep 22: #2 design-a-zombie
sep 24: #3 noshing
sep 26: #4 brainzzz
sep 28: #5 zombie lovin'
sep 30: #6 signup form - see task below

SIXTH TASK: (3 parts) last one

1. COMPLETE all 5 tasks above and then...

2. Fill out FORM here or below.

3. COMMENT below with a final "nom nom"


* image source header from shirtoid - yes you can get this image (without with September Zombies caption) on a t-shirt - please note artwork by K.M.Larwood

=== September Zombies schedule ===


  1. Zombie Melissa says...NOM NOM...this challenge has been Nomtastic! Grrrr...arrrgh (yes that's the buffy zombie)

  2. nom nom! That was one amazing event, Velvet! :)
    Brainzzzzzzzzzzzzz forevaaaaaaaaa...

  3. Nom Nom...oh, excuse me! I was just enjoying some fresh brains, but I will take time out from my delicious meal to thank you, Velvet, for another lovely event. We can always count on you for lots of fun!

    Now, back to my mindless noshing.

  4. Argh... you're making me do it again!!!!!

    *runs off to get booze*

  5. This has been really fun. Nom Nom :)

  6. Oh NOM NOM - won't you NOM with me - I NOm you with my nom nommers with lots of Nommmmmmming GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    *jumps up and down for effect*
    best challenge EVERY girly!

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  7. Nominom, nominom, ooooh nomi nomi nomi nominom (In the key of Lollipop by the Chordettes)


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