Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zombie update from: San Francisco

Hail fellow survivors,

Warning signs like posted above have been placed throughout my fare and favored city by the bay.

Don't even try to enter.

The city that waits for the city to die to die may go on overload in the next couple weeks.

The zany zombie flash mob days are over.

YES, the zombocalypse has arrived.

The safe room we installed in our house has come in quite handy. Supplies will last us for a few months. Of course, this will depend on if we find more survivors to join us.

Fortunately, the Z-net is up and running smoothly. Communications with the outside world are flowing in... for now.

I type here bleary eyed with cup of coffee at hand. But determined.

As zombie updates from around the blogosphere come in, I am determined to post them for as long as I am able.

IF you are out there, please read and comment on them to confirm your existence during these most unusual Z times.


* San Francisco = city that waits to die; Colma = city that waits for the city that waits to die to die

* image source

=== September Zombies schedule ===


  1. OMG, so not going to San Francisco! :)

  2. And to think I was considering trying to make it to Alcatraz....

  3. Missouri - the *Show Me Your Brains* state!

    Of course, here in Illinois you'd want to avoid Chicago: the windy/zombie flatulence city ;P

  4. Glad you're still functioning. Hang in there!

  5. Kansas, still holding strong. I guess being in the boonies helps!

  6. Having a bit of trouble here in Nashville with the country music stars. Anyone within a 5 mile radius of the Grand Ole Opry is in big trouble. Unfortunately, I live within that radius. =O( Rock music seems to keep them at bay for a time, but pretty soon we will have to commence with the shooting of/removal of heads. Luckily, we have some skilled hunters among us who are expert marksmen. We'll see how long we can hold out!

  7. I'm not going anywhere near San Francisco, no siree Bob.

  8. And I always wanted to go there too. :(
    Stupid zombies, always ruining perfectly good tourist spots...


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