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Black Jack Derringer by K.H. Koehler

Black Jack Derringer
Book 1: The Ace of Spades
by K.H. Koehler

Published: 2009
Genre: Action
Paperback: 104 pages
Rating: 5

Descriptions from publisher's site:

Trilogy Description:
In K.H. Koehler's post-apocalyptic/ string-bean western/ science-fiction/ steampunk/ action-adventure/ romantic suspense/ sexy pirate trilogy, a bounty hunter named Wild Alice West struggles to survive in a vast desert known as the Skillet, which has no tolerance for women trying to do a “man’s job.”

Though fiercely independent, Alice recognizes that she needs a front man to give herself legitimacy in her chosen career, and after weeks of looking around New Hope, she thinks she’s found the perfect partner in Mr. Treen, who has his own dark secrets.

* contains violence and some language

Book 1 Description:
All “Wild” Alice West wants is to be a respected bounty hunter, and make some legitimate cash along the way. But in the post-apocalyptic world of the Skillet, there is no room for a woman doing a “man’s job.”

Enter Mr. Treen. Alice believes that by hiring the albino card sharp, she can give her business the legitimacy it needs. But Mr. Treen has his own secrets—some of them dark. And once these misfits get together, you can be sure the Skillet will never be the same again.

* contains violence and some language

My two-bits:
In-a-word: Hee-haw!

Another Alice, in another kind of adventure. She's tough. She's cute. She's wild (not girls gone wild wild). The setting is a kind of wild west in a wild futuristic setting with that wild gritty feel.

You're in for a wild ride with this one with derringers and colts and a horse named Goliath.

Some steampunk creations included ;-D

Looking forward to book 2 in the series, coming out this year.

Folks, I'm holding onto my copy which is signed by the K.H. herself. The dedication includes a clue about Mr Treen. If you end up getting this book and would like to know the clue, shoot me an email.

Neil Gaimain sighting?
And, oh, the was a 100-year-old black-gone-to-gunmetal grey cargo behemoth called the Neverwhere, dented and pocketed by decades of brutal sandstorms and sunworn journeys across the massive wasteland of loose white sand that separated one side of the Skillet basin from the other.
(page 40, chapter 9)

Ace of Spades
Queen of Hearts
Book 3 - title not yet known (to me)


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