Friday, March 12, 2010


Alice and the butterflies emerged from the Koffee Klatch tent to see Fairy Jellica in the distance. She was flitting from flower to flower in the House of Cards Palace garden.

Fairy Jellica: Ahhh, Alice. There you are. Did you partake of scrumptious delectables amongst charming company?

Alice: Oh, well. errrr. Everything looked absolutely mouth-watering. And the smells were just as enticing. But when I went to reach for something my appetite seemed to disappear. I found myself not very hungry after all.

Fairy Jellica: That happens sometimes here in Whatsitland. One must be careful of what one eats for it plays havoc with the body afterwards. Could be Ms Panter's conconctions affected you thus.

Alice: mmmmm. And how about you? Were you able to have any refreshments?

Fairy Jellica: Yes, quite. I'm almost drunk from these roses.

Alice: ???

Fairy Jellica: You see, fairies of my kind can replenish our energies by fragrances from flowers.

Alice went forward and put her nose into one of the roses for a whiff.

She inhaled.


* image source Victorian Rose Garden

* part of Alice in Whatsitland (see schedule)

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