Friday, March 12, 2010

Cerulean Queen

The rose essence put Alice in a state. A state (not the united states of america) like a trance.

She stood there and her vision became blurry.

Her eyes were open but she was not looking at the garden.

She was looking in...

could it be...

her mind's eye...

a third eye...

There was a woman before her.

A queenly sort.

It was the Cerulean Queen -- per the subtitle on the fuzzy edges of her vision.

excerpt of what Alice heard:

There is a girl. A little chit of a thing, insignificant, really.


Except that this chit, this girl-thing took what wasn't hers

and she --

it pains me to tell you so,

she drank it!

A potion of my very own making,

and she took it and drank it

as if it were nothing more than a commoner's pint of ale,

or a peasant's soporific!

This is the very thing she did, I tell you!

It was set upon the little table,

just so,

in its clever cut-crystal glass,

just so,

with a neat little label, you see,

just so.

I am quite beside myself.

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