Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mr Gorilla

Alice looked at the adorable bear face in her coffee and contemplated whether or not to take a drink. Mama has always said she was still young yet to drink such things. But, she should not be rude.

With a nudge from her right, Mr Gorilla proceeded to say...

There once was a man from Galloo
who found a big rat in his stew
said the waiter
don't shout
or wave it about
or the others will be wanting one too!

Mr Gorilla then took several loud slurps of his coffee and reached across Alice for the coffee pot for more.

How odd.

Alice looked at the delicious treats on the table before her.

This retro purple minicake looked scrumptious.

But the Molten Chocolate Cake gave her pause...


* Please note: Mr Gorilla is only 3 feet tall

* image source: steampunk gorilla

* image source cake from MiraUncut

* limerick source: one of hubby's favorites

* part of Alice in Whatsitland (see schedule)

* wanna be a part of Alice's adventure in Whatsitland? join the challenge!


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