Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

In the world of medicine, what is the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?


Being the curious girl that she is, Alice, pulled out the beautifully wrapped packages out of her pocket.

With no grownups around to tell her to wait or further instructions from Ms Panther, she decided to open the gifts as she continued walking through the tunnel.

Inside the first package, Alice found a little bottle with a tag that said...

Drink me

The second package held a chocolate mushroom wrapped. mmmm. chocolate. Mama says I can't eat chocolates before dinner. Again with a tag that said...

Eat me

As Alice was suddenly hit with an overwhelming feeling of thirst, she decided to taste the unusual pink-colored liquid.

The drink was quite refreshing at the first sip and tasty. So, Alice glugged downed the rest of the bottle's pinkish potion.

With a dainty burp, she wrapped the chocolate mushroom and re-pocketed it for now.

She finally reached the end of the tunnel and opened the door.

--> to be continued tomorrow


* trivia answer: An ailment whose sufferers have a distorted sense of time and space and believe their body, or parts of their body, have changed in size or shape.

The name, of course, was inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
from my 365 day trivia calendar
Thanks EvL!

* image source Alice

* LOST easter egg: chocolate

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