Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wings by Aprilynne Pike

by Aprilynne Pike

Published: 2009
Genre: Fairies, YA
Hardback: 294 pages
Rating: 4

Description from author's site:
Laurel discovers she is a faerie, sent among humans to protect the gateway to Avalon. Thrust into the midst of a centuries-old battle between faeries and trolls, she's torn between a human and a faerie love, as well as her loyalties to each world. In this extraordinary tale of magic and intrigue, romance and danger, everything you thought you knew about faeries will be changed forever.

My two-bits:
In-a-word: blossom

Such a lovely fairy story. Lovely because of the kind of fairies described. I hadn't heard of this type of fairy before. Believable. But then not too hard to if you already believe in the fae ;-D (you'll have to read this to find out or shoot me an email if you really must know).

There's the discovery of being part of the fae and learning about its existence along with some romance (love triangle) and troll action.

Of course, it's just the beginning and the sequel will be out soon enough.

Spells - to be released May 4, 2010

Zombie sighting:
The next day, Laurel felt like a Zombie.
(page 87, chapter 9)

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