Thursday, March 11, 2010

Steam Couple

The couple who sat next to Alice immediately became engaged with a Professor McGregor across the table.

Alice heard words like chrononaut, thrunge plate, and ferroequinology.

Fortunately, Professor McGregor is a gizmologist. She was able to answer all of the questions as fast as fired by Victoria and David Beckposh.

During their animated conversation, Alice heard clinks-clanks and tics-tocs coming forth from the couple.

Watching them was a sight to behold as well with wheels spinning, dials turning and metal thingamajigs swirling inside their bodies viewed through glass covered peep-holes.

Alice was fascinated.

Her trance was broken when Fairy Jellica's butterflies flickered before her. One landed on her nose to capture her attention.

Alice excused herself from the table and followed the butterflies to the exit.

Tripping on a pebble underfoot, Alice collided with a thunk into a very unusual woman.

Alice: Oh, dear. Do please excuse me.

The woman looked down at Alice and gave a nod. She was tall and slender and made of cold metal.

Mr Espresso: Android Karenina! Welcome! I'm so delighted that you could come. Please sit here by me. You must tell me the latest news of your homeland.

The woman did not smile or respond in kind. She simply moved robotically to the seat offered by Mr Espresso.

The butterflies danced around Alice's head madly to remind her to move along.

to be continued tomorrow...


* image source steam couple created by Freya Horn

* source for steam couple names

* source steampunk words

* part of Alice in Whatsitland (see schedule)

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