Friday, March 12, 2010


Alice collection created by Icedivastar

Fairy Jellica: It may be best to create a diversion so that the Cerulean Queen will not be able to see you clearly in her magic mirror.

Remove an article of your clothing. How about that ribbon from your dress? Yes, that will do.

We shall wrap it around this tree and the magic mirror will reveal it as you. But only as long as your essence is part of it, mayhaps an hour or so.

Fairy Jellica twirled in place with arms raised high as her butterflies circled her. She uttered words that Alice could not hear. The ribbon swayed in the breeze and sparkled with electricity.

Fairy Jellica: Now Alice, we must flee.

A Littel Alice, A Little Boho
created by Everyday Possibilities

to be continued tomorrow...


Question of the day: Are you wearing the color blue today?


* first spotted alice collection at The Fashion Planner

* part of Alice in Whatsitland (see schedule)

* wanna be a part of Alice's adventure in Whatsitland? join the challenge!


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the story continues...
flash back -~- flash forward


  1. Oooh, great stuff ! Love the shoes !

  2. I love everything in the first picture! And yes I'm wearing blue today, I have some blue in the lettering on my shirt.

  3. I always wear something blue, it's my favorite color. Even if it is my underwear.

  4. Today, no. I'm wearing pink and purple (think of Disney's cheshire cat... )


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