Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Tree

We last met Alice at Mr Knightley's picnic. She had first spotted Mr Jackalope (aka Mr J) running in a field. Upon learning about Mr J from Lady Vee, she decided to follow him for a bit of afternoon entertainment.

He was only about 20 feet ahead. Alice had kept pace with Mr J after leaving Mr Knightley's picnic behind her. Mama will be most displeased. However, she felt she would turn back soon if she didn't see the crowds or finish line for the race within the next quarter of an hour.

Running was exhilarating after sitting on hours in the company of Mama's chattering acquaintances. She did not want to hear about Lady so-and-so's latest reticule acquisition or Mr such-and-such's prized horses. She much preferred to walk the fields and gardens on Mr Knightley's estate.

Posh! Mr Jackalope suddenly made a sharp turn behind that tree. He was now out of sight. Quite!

Alice approached the tree and did not see Mr J anywhere.

She looked here and there.

She looked up and down.

He just could not be found.

How strange?

Upon closer inspection of the tree, she spied a door!

The door was left ajar.

Mayhaps, Mr J went through?

Alice pushed the door and peeked inside.

to be continued


Question of the day: Have you ever had a pet rabbit, bunny or jackalope?


* image source The Old Tree II by =nathie

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  1. I had a pet rabbit. She was the size of a large cat. She was going to be my uncle's dinner. I was told that while I was petting her when I was 10 years old, so I got to keep her after that. LOL

  2. I had a pet rabbit that I kept in the old barn. I decided that she was lonely and wanted to run with the other rabbits in the field but that she loved me enough and would come back to me after she played with her friends for a little while. She didn't. I cried. But then I found a stray dog up by the train tracks....


    I'm sorry, I'm still very happy about this xD It took the longest time to figure out what to name him, but in the end I still called him Remus after my favorite HP character. We all call him TO TO (bunny in cantonese) though. He's rather... excitable? but very good with children. Remy's a Dutch, by the way.

  4. Once two rabbits, a female and an ex-male, lived with us.
    Both where foundlings hopping through town (but not together) the male lived 9 years with us, the female with her happy hanging floppy ears 4 years.
    Both are burried in the garden, but than... and sometimes at midnight with a full moon...
    (but you know, you are the jackalope expert)

  5. I actually am the Nana of four grandbunnies. Their names are Bun, Belle, Pearl, and Winnie. Their parents have pics of them at their own website


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